Birdie Buddy: Episode 2

Hmm. Still interesting. I don’t find myself wanting to pass more judgment than I already have since it’s the first two episodes, but interestingly the stakes have been raised for our poor protagonist Mi Soo already. Nevertheless, in the realm of K-drama, this one doesn’t pull any unexpected surprises.

I love Mi Soo. She immediately raises hell about a thief and rapist in her room, and swings her mother’s golf club at John, denting the poor metal bowl he picked up to protect himself. Mother and Father come out to join her in the bashing, especially when she says that he touched her breast! Which never even happened! Oh UEE this is when your over-acting works really well.

John manages to gasp out Tae Gab’s name, so they drag the brother out. He affirms that this guy is just a friend he made, and he takes him back up to his room. Poor John – he’s still frightened for his life under the wake of Mi Soo and her golf club.

The next morning, he spies Mi Soo doing target practice in her backyard with her golf balls and watches interestedly. He even goes up to her and straightens her back to improve her form, which unsettles her completely. I mean, this perverted stranger is now touching her intimately?!

But she gets a call from Gong Sook: her father’s been fired! Higher ups think that he’s been accepting money from Mi Soo all these years to let her use the golf course, when really he’s been doing it for free. Mi Soo dashes over to plead for the job back, but his bosses’ hands are tied. It wasn’t their decision to make.

So she goes up to the President Min Sae Hwa herself – Hae Ryung’s mother. Hae Ryung happens to be in that office as well, negotiating her terms with her mother. Since Sae Hwa wants her to participate in the Korean LPGA, Hae Ryung promises to do so only if John Lee agrees to being her caddy and coach.

When Mi Soo bursts in, she begs for Gong Sook’s father’s job, but Sae Hwa has no knowledge of it, since the firing of a security guard is beneath her concerns. However, she is cold-blooded and believes that Mi Soo’s interruption is enough to fire her two secretaries who couldn’t even stop her from coming in.

That’s also when John Lee arrives at the office – much to Mi Soo’s surprise. He watches Mi Soo get dragged away kicking, and overhears her begging Sae Hwa’s secretary Danny for help. Once they’re all left alone, Sae Hwa gives John a pre-made contract, which makes Hae Ryung smirk. John has his own demands as well; he wants the closed down school and its property that Sae Hwa owns.

Of course he gets it, and John moves in right away with his trailer. That evening, he sets up a campfire with Hae Ryung and asks why she turned down a multimillion dollar deal in the States to come back. Hae Ryung implies that she came back for John as well, but he doesn’t reply. Instead, he grabs a golf ball and starts juggling with it on the end of a golf club. Then he does some weird mix of Capoeira and Golf Juggling. Oook…Cool, but totally random.

Every morning, Mi Soo always goes out to a cliff and practices hitting her golf balls as far as she can – over 300 meters at times. Her golf balls actually land in the run-down school’s yard, and some of them hit John’s trailer. He wakes up to find the sky raining golf balls, and wonders if it’s the end of the world.

Moments later, Hae Ryung shows up for a visit, and then after that he sees Mi Soo riding up on her bike to collect all her golf balls. At least she’s pretty accurate in where she hits her balls. John wants to sue her for damages, but Mi Soo is in no mood to deal with him. He wants to know how far she can hit, and so he sets up a tee for her. She hits it directly into the school, breaking the windows.

Hae Ryung smirks – just because she can hit far and strong doesn’t mean she has precision, and golfing is all about precision. She takes the club and then shoots a ball neatly through the hole Mi Soo made in the window.

Hae Ryung herself practices putting, and she hits every single one into the hole. However, when her mother arrives to watch, Hae Ryung misses. And that’s the thing: Hae Ryung is most at peace on the green – as long as her mother is not watching.

That’s how much she hates her mother.

The two mothers also have varying methods in training their daughters. While Sae Hwa hires a bunch of trainers to make sure Hae Ryung is precise and focused, Mi Soo’s mother says that her daughter must practice, practice, practice. She must work hard and train. One follows the money route, the other follows the discipline route.

Tae Gab has his own story as well – he’s a talented musician, but clearly the forgotten child with Mi Soo around. Instead of working at a proper job or going to the army, he works night shift at a sleazy bar as a musician, playing the saxophone. He is quite good at it, but he has no instrument of his own.

His father happens to bump into a former supervisor at the mines and goes drinking with him. They catch up, and it’s clear that Mi Soo’s golfing ambitions are putting a strain on the family’s financial means. The supervisor has made his fortune in boating, and invites the father to come join him in his business.

Father drunkenly stumbles around town until he ends up pissing in front of the bar where Tae Gab works. They recognize each other, and Tae Gab bolts before his father could properly yell at him, misunderstanding that Tae Gab is a gigolo. Tae Gab hops onto his scooter and races away, but he nearly collides with a truck.

Next thing you know, Tae Gab is in jail for the hit and run accident; the truck driver ended up in the hospital because of Tae Gab’s sudden appearance, and the driver’s family wants to sue. Of course, the family has no money to pay for bail, let alone a settlement. Only Mi Soo understands, but she realizes that her hobby is taking a large toll on her family and her only brother. Her father even asks if she could quit golfing, and then he goes and ponders over whether to take the boating job or not.

Mi Soo goes to sell her golf clubs reluctantly, and gets a measly $700 back. (Her clubs had originally cost $3000.) She notices that she gave away her mother’s golf club, and sneaks it back from the seller. John also enters the store at the right time and sees her selling her set, noting her desperation for money and yet despair at giving up her love.

Later, when John practices some shots through the hole in the school window, he finds Mi Soo’s ball lodged in a blackboard. The golf ball had shot through a window, and then through some narrow slats before getting stopped by the blackboard. Iiinteresting… (for him).

He visits her at her home, wanting to formally “reclaim damages” for what she did to his trailer. However, the type of payback he wants is for her to play a game of golf. Against none other than Hae Ryung.


One thought on “Birdie Buddy: Episode 2

  1. am getting excited for the next episodes… hey what’s the name of Tae Gab character? is he the same one in Giant? the one who played the young Jo Sang Wook’s character? Thanks Kaede…

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