News Bits: 8/10/11 Edition

Kim Hyung Min! The wonderful hottie Duk Soo in I Need Romance is TAKEN! HE’S OFF THE MARKET!

And sadly, not because of me. *cries*

Kim Hyung Min is actually in a relationship with his Mom is Pretty Too costar Kim Bin Woo. Kim Bin Woo is actually a year older than him, being 29 (or 30 in Korean years) and Kim Hyung Min is 28 (or 29 in Korean years). Goddammit. They’ve been dating for about 6 months now.

Duk Soo-ssi! You are totally breaking Hyun Joo’s heart right now! How dare you!?

  • There was an article about the rise of tough female leads in dramas and films, which is markedly different from the “Candy’s” and other sweet girl stereotypes. Long gone is the sweet but suffering female lead waiting for her prince, or the hardworking princess who just hasn’t had her efforts recognized early enough. Now, we have Ha Ji Won helping pioneer this new stereotype, especially more so because of her role as Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden, and then with her role in the film “Sector 7.” Shin Se Kyung sheds her innocent image with her turn as a killer in the film “Blue Salt,” and Moon Chae Won becomes the spunky Juliet in the drama world, as she is a tomboy at heart, wanting to learn horse riding and unafraid to defend herself with a sword. You know, if this is the new trend for our female leads, I’m all for it. I’d rather watch women who can take care of themselves than those who think they can take care of themselves, but would rather run to the arms of any man who opens up to them.
  • Shin Sung Rok (Thank You, My Life’s Golden Age) quietly entered the military four days ago. He’s 29 (or 30 in Korean years) and I’m impressed how quietly he left. Though he isn’t the biggest star, I’m still amazed he managed to get away without much fanfare.
  • Lee Hong Ki is coming back to TV! Yay!!! He’s going to be in a KBS one-episode drama alongside Japanese actress Reiko Takashima. (Crap – hopes for a reunion with Park Shin Hye are dashed. For now…) The drama, “Noriko Goes to Seoul” will air on September 11.
  • The cast for Poseidon is really getting so much younger than it originally had been. And so much more open to idol stars, which to me reeks of desperation. I mean, if you want ratings, you might as well get idol stars because you have a built-in audience, no? Now, U-Know Yunho is part of the cast as the leader of a tactics team. (Really? I can’t imagine him a leader…) Actually, I don’t know why this news was made again, as I already thought he was part of this cast*
  • Kim Bum and Han Ji Min have joined Jung Woo Sung in a new drama called Padam Padam..The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats. What a freakin’ long title… Anyways. Actually, that’s all I feel about it – “anyways.” I feel a tad obligated to say something but not really. I’m just turned off by the long title, and the sad melodramatic tone to this drama.
  • And now to the news that’s ripping headlines in Korea everywhere: Kang Ho Dong is leaving “2 Days 1 Night”?! Rumors have it that he’s going to leave the show after a month (or two) once his contract ends. It’s said that they’re still in negotiations and trying to get him to stay. “2 Days 1 Night” with no Kang Ho Dong is like… not even “2 Days 1 Night”! However, I can tell that sometimes Lee Seung Gi is striving to be the main MC sometimes, and he works hard to be like his sunbae. However, the show can’t just be carried on the shoulders of Lee Su Geun and Lee Seung Gi (whom I think are the strongest hosts of the show after Kang). I hope it’s not true.

*Edit: Yunho is going to be relegated to cameo status now for Poseidon (Oh thank God – it’s not completely an idol-star drama). Thanks to lviih for the clarification!

source: newsen, osen, asiae, dramabeans, star


5 thoughts on “News Bits: 8/10/11 Edition

  1. I had trouble finding his name anywhere! The upside is I have his name! He’s breaking not only Hyun Joo’s heart. Thank god there is Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk!!!

  2. Hi Kaede, about U-Know Yunho in Poseidon it was announced that he is no longer a character, he will just do a cameo, he is having a busy schedule and so he can’t be a permanet cast in poseidon, so he said he would be at least able to make a cameo.

    Also about Moon Chae Won’s character on Princess’ man, sadly, she isn’t like you or me thought, she is those who think they can but ca’t take care of themselves. She is also afraid of lots of things, and I think so far she can’t defend herself with a sword. Not yet. She is still too silly~

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