News Bits: 8/8/11 Edition

Jang Geun Suk has nabbed another role?! The guy is busy enough as it is! Aside from filming “You’re My Pet” and recently finishing up an Asia Tour, he’s now said to be starring in Yoon Seok Ho‘s upcoming drama “Love in the Rain.” Yoon is known for his Season dramas – Winter Sonata, Autumn in My Heart, Spring Waltz, and Summer Scent.

I was under the impression that Yoon was going to be producing another drama – “Our Happy Youthful Days” with T.O.P., which would air after Spy Myung Wol. Then again, “Love in the Rain” (which is the tentative title) doesn’t have a broadcast date yet, but is said to start shooting in September.

Me, confused? Yes. Excited? No. Jang Geun Suk + Melodrama is one thing I do not want to see. Even if he can pull it off, I don’t want to see my Sukkie crying or moping over some girl with some illness.

  • Ha Ji Won is one exceptional star. The actress showed her gratitude towards fans and the audience for making her film “Sector 7” top the box offices by handwriting a letter. Who does that nowadays?!She even created a Twitter account to express her appreciation.
  • Lee Hye Young! In a wedding dress! (By Reem Accra) During her wedding in Hawaii! Stunning! (Yeah that’s all I really had to say.)
  • Hyun Jyuni has been cast in a film called “Perfect Games,” which is about Korean baseball pitchers. She plays the best friend of Choi Jung Won (Stars Falling From the Sky), who is also a big fan of Busan Lotte and quits her job so that she can watch baseball games anytime she wants. Jo Seung Woo and Yang Dong Gun also star.
  • Woori (Heartstrings) admitted recently in an interview that she was offered a position to be part of the Wonder Girls after Hyuna left. She got some dance and vocal training as well, but decided to pursue acting instead. She doesn’t think she’s that great of a singer, but I think she’s pretty fair. She’s definitely good enough to be part of a K-pop group. (And there ya go – that’s pretty much my standard of K-pop girl groups.) She also said that after Heartstrings, she’s going to focus on her Japanese studies and continue acting.
  • Rain and Lee Na Young recently won a lawsuit against a local drama production company that never paid them for their work in Runaway Plan B. Imagine – it’s almost been a year already since that drama aired… The production company was ordered to pay 360 million won to Rain. The rest of the cast will soon be paid as well. It’s such a shame that these actors had to file a lawsuit just to get paid for their drama. That’s also a sign of how bad that drama may have been – expensive budget, but unable to recoup its losses. Still – no excuse to not pay its actors.
source: star news, newsen, hancinema

2 thoughts on “News Bits: 8/8/11 Edition

  1. Woori needs to focus on eating first and foremost.

    Thanks for the Rain / Lee Na Young lawsuit: had been wondering if/when they had actually been paid.

  2. usually actors don’t file lawsuits against production teams coz they risk to work again when pigs will fly… so in my point of view Lee Na Young had tons of guts to do it! I can’t see her living without acting… Rain? ermmm he has a 2 year hiatus coming in his way… and I can see him producing an album the day he’s out of the army or he can try to nab a role in Hollywood … but in SoKor not that soon

    on the other side I’M SO GLAD THAT FINALLY SOMEONE DID IT. I hope the producers paid interest too… like loan shark level interest :D. Plan B isn’t the only drama that hasn’t paid wages to their staff and actors and producers need to learn some lessons:D

    Woori needs to eat. JGS was a bit stiff in HGD angsty scenes. I know he learned a lot in the meantime, but I can’t see me watching a season drama. EVEN it has JGS in it. But Korea as well as Japan will be at his feet. They need their “seasons” fix ASAP and my bet and his management bet is that will be his best shot at stardoom…. as HUGE stardoom. So this is a nice birthday present for him.

    Did u just say TOP?Where? When? How? I WANT :D-TOP is the only kguy that my sis and I agree that he is

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