News Bits: 8/6/11 Edition


It’s been reported that Rain is in talks to do a Hollywood project after he completes his military service. He tweeted a photo of himself and said he was proposed with an upcoming film alongside Richard Gere. Now I don’t know how true this will be – or if it will even ever happen – but I’m really skeptical about how that movie will turn out.

Yup – I don’t think it’ll be too good. But that’s my gut speaking.

  • Imagine my shock that I had to find out about Emma Watson (Harry Potter series) dating her “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” costar Johnny Simmons through none other than a Korean news source?!!? There are pics to prove them smoochin’.
  • Vic Chou and Wu Zun are collaborating in an upcoming action/historical film “Saving General Yang.” They will play two of Yang’s seven sons in the film. Looks like Wu Zun is taking his acting career really seriously now that he’s gone from Fahrenheit.
  • As if vampires in American TV aren’t enough, now they’re coming to Korea’s cable channels. Yeon Jung Hoon (Jejoongwon) will star in OCN’s Vampire Prosecutor. In case the title wasn’t obvious enough, Yeon will play a vampire who lives as a lawyer during the day and solve murder mysteries. So – perhaps he can detect the truth just by a whiff of someone’s blood?! Interestingly, his wife Han Ga In is in talks to star in another cable show – Korean Peninsula. It’d be awesome if their shows were pitted against each other in time slots.
  • I finally finished episode 2 of Princess’ Man. I was so ready to dismiss the show as boring because I was bored for the first forty minutes. But then, they just HAD to end episode 2 with a cliffhanger – where Park Shi Hoo gets shot with arrows! OK – it sounds spoilery, but we all know that Park Shi Hoo isn’t going to die so soon, right? Anyways – I think I was bored because all the relationships are being put in place, but now I can see how all the complications will form. It’ll also be problematic with Hong Soo Hyun injured from her car accident, as I think her character is going to take a more formidable role now as a rival for Park Shi Hoo’s love.

Source: asiae, tvdaily, cpopaccess, dramabeans


One thought on “News Bits: 8/6/11 Edition

  1. Oh dear, you are missing out on the goodness twists (err.. tension) happening in Princess’ Man!– Not to mention our charming handsome, Park Si Hoo. ^^ Since it’s a sageuk set in the Joseon dynasty, we could all expect the first episodes to be info-packed, plus all the titles/relationships.. can get confusing if you miss a line. Hence, the impatience/bore(?). But i was actually caught starting from ep1 thanks to the beauty of the drama in general– adorable cast (PSH, MCW, the veteran actors!), wardrobe, OST, camera work, etc. Things have since picked up and are moving forward with speed, as expected. 😉 Hope you’ll try to catch up and hold on!

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