News Bits: 8/5/11 Edition

Goodness – accidents just really don’t stop do they? This time, it’s Hong Soo Hyun from The Princess’ Man. The actress – who plays the spoiled princess Kyung Hye – got into a car accident at around 4 in the morning. Her car had hit another car off the highway and was totaled. She suffered a rib fracture, while her manager suffered a serious injury to his arm. Though Hong wanted to go back on set to shoot, she couldn’t as she had to go back to the hospital and get proper treatment.


It just so happens that The Princess’ Man also finally ranked number one in ratings for Wednesday-Thursdays. They got 14.9% viewers, while new series Protect the Boss got 12-14% viewers. Unfortunately, Heartstrings stayed in the 5% range.

  • Woori‘s profile is increasing recently, especially with her turn as evil Hee-joo in Heartstrings. She poses for fashion brand TBJ. Dang that girl is as skinny as a stick…

  • Kim Tae Hee is another actress doing a bunch of photo shoots and CF. This time she’s in Paris, and several photos of her were released showing off her Parisian style and looking quite goddess-like. Eh – the photos actually make me want to visit Paris more than ogle at her clothes and jewelry.

  • Hwang Jung Min and Han Ga In are likely to appear in a drama called Korean Peninsula – the same one that Jang Dong Gun, Ha Ji won, and Park Shin Yang were supposed to appear in. The drama is set to air on cable channel CSTV, which makes it unique because it’s not at all going to be on the major broadcasters. The likelihood of it being a huge hit is small, but you never know…
  • Song Seung Hoon‘s drama costumes were auctioned off in Taiwan for 11 million Won. To be more clear – it was his suit from My Princess. The starting bid was at 700,000 Won. Goodness!

source: star news, dramabeans, asiae


One thought on “News Bits: 8/5/11 Edition

  1. Paris ? It will be a pleasure to see her ! …Sunglasses but the wheather is actually a little cloudy and cold! XD

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