I Need Romance – Season 2?

tvN drama I Need Romance just ended, but it hasn’t stopped talks of a season 2 for early next year.

Because the drama was a hit, there are plans to create a season 2 – if the actors are all up for it. The writer and director are already in talks to see if it’s possible, but they’ll also have to check with the actors’ schedules.

The realistic portrayal of 30-somethings in Seoul (and I use the word “realistic” lightly) as well as Kim Jeong Hoon‘s empathetic performance as the 10-years-old boyfriend were big draws for the series. I’m pretty sure the series can’t survive without this cast, unless they go for a totally different story. I think what made this series is the actors, not necessarily the stories.

Don’t spoil the last episode of this series please – for me or for anyone. I’ve heard enough about it that makes me wonder if the writer – Jung Hyun Jung – will be up to the task. Nevertheless, I would totally enjoy a season 2, if only because it would be like greeting old friends. These gals are more endearing than the Sex and the City gals.

source: Star News


13 thoughts on “I Need Romance – Season 2?

  1. I’d love a continuation of their stories as they’ve become “pseudo” friends.
    If it takes a totally different direction, like Queen of Reversals, I’m staying away.

  2. yes!me too!season 2 please with same casts because im still feel cliffhanger for Seo Yeon and Hyun Joo character..eventhough in young choose to get together with 10yrs x bf but still hope there will be some others guy out there to chase after her or mybe 2nd ex bf..:)but wish there will be 2nd season soon..:)

  3. No, I don’t wont to see season 2. I don’t think it can work, after how things happened.
    I don’t know if I spoiled things, but, can’t answer differently.

  4. i dont like season 2, i just want another episode for the ending. i wanted in young and sung soo end up together. i can see that this couple are cute. its a 10yrs relationship and i dont think that it could just end up easily and be ruined by 1 slut. go go in young and sung soo.

  5. though I love the series so much, but to have a season 2 is far from a gud idea to me. something this perfect should just be this perfect….
    waiting for ep 16 recap of yours

  6. OMG I SO EXCITED AS WELL! I CAN’T WAIT, SO MUCH THAT I AM WRITING ALL CAPS RIGHT NOW. THIS DRAMA GOT ME MORE MORE EXCITED THAN CITY HUNTER (DON’T GET ME WRONG I LURVED IT TOO). SANG HYUN ā‰„ LEE YOON SUNG ANYDAY, GOD I AM SO SHALLOW. Unexpected favourite of the year so far, ahead of Best Love, City Hunter, 49 Days… you name it. Where are my priorities?

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