I Need Romance: Episode 15

We’re winding down to the end, and in some ways, this episode reflected just that. I wasn’t surprised by the developments, although I do think it’s quite late in the game, and am curious how it will all tie up.

I wouldn’t be surprised (again) if this drama wasn’t neatly tied up. However, it does have quite the fast pace in one episode so you never know…

It’s the end of an era for In Young, as not only has she rejected Sung Hyun’s proposal, but she’s also quit her job. Reality comes crashing down on her when her subordinate asks how she’ll make her money. Funny – she never thought of that because she was thinking of living a life of work-less grandeur, even though she was going to reject the dude.

In Young is forced to save and scrimp, while her friends talk big amounts of money as if it were nothing. Seo Yeon and Hyun Joo analyze over why she broke up with Sung Hyun. Hyun Joo thinks it’s because In Young never loved Sung Hyun enough to marry him, and on top of that she was probably thinking of Sung Soo during the proposal. In Young agrees partly with Hyun Joo, as Sung Soo is the only man to ever have accepted her for who she is, farts and all. As for Seo Yeon, she thinks that it is unfair for In Young to give up who she is just for a man, and refuses to ever do so herself. After all, how can that family repress In Young and her famous farts?

Hyun Joo is all about compromise, and she proves her point by boasting that she is experiencing her “great love” right now. While Duk Soo is trying to get an acquired taste for classical music, Hyun Joo is learning trot music.

Meanwhile, Sung Hyun is nursing a broken heart, and he eventually goes up to In Young’s house for an explanation. He wants to know why they have to break up like this, and In Young knows that no matter what she says, he’ll never understand. She merely reiterates that she can’t sacrifice herself like that, but Sung Hyun argues he’s sacrificed a-plenty too. (Like what, your car?) He stands up to leave, and says he’ll never give her up. Just try to get rid of him.

As for Sung Soo, he drives back to his elementary school, where he had gone with In Young and reunited with her 10 years ago. He sees a young girl throwing a stuffed animal back at a young boy – her boyfriend – yelling at him for eating ddukbokki with another girl at church. She thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her, and methinks they’re WAAAAY too young for this.

Sung Soo goes over to the kid, who’s all “Who the hell are you?” and gives him advice on keeping “his woman.” It’s not worth it to cheat – the boy will end up hurting more than the girl. He needs to keep his girl while he has her, and go and apologize. He then asks what the boy’s name is. It’s… Kim Sung Soo. BWAHAHA – love it. It’s so cheesy and yet so awesome, because it’s Sung Soo talking to Young Sung Soo. And Young Sung Soo looks so much like him.

Anyways – he also asks for Young Sung Soo’s number – if it works out with his girlfriend, he wants to hear about it, because then it’ll give him hope about his own future.

Back at the hotel, Sung Hyun asks In Young’s subordinate what a boyfriend should do when his girlfriend is out of the job. The subordinate suggests finding jobs she can apply to, spending time with her when she’s free and in between interviews, and helping pay for all her basic necessities. Of course, Sung Hyun does all that, going a little overboard with the necessities, and basically being there all the time for her as they sift through job openings. In Young is mighty touched by his actions.

Despite his busy schedule, Sung Hyun even stays up to play games with her at home. He tries to stay overnight, but she won’t let him. In the end, In Young is trying to distance herself from Sung Hyun, and she’s only letting him do all these things for her so that he has more time to say goodbye to her. She doesn’t seem to plan to ever go back to him or the hotel.

Meanwhile – Seo Yeon is saying her own goodbyes. She actually didn’t end things with Alex – she just smoothed things over. But when they make out in her home, Alex can’t get the thought of Joon Hee sleeping with her out his mind. Because she always runs away from confrontation (not wanting to discuss Joon Hee), he tells her that she’ll never love or be loved until she dies. She’ll be all alone. With that, he leaves her.

He sends her a goodbye text during her shoot, as he’s flying off to the States. Seo Yeon doesn’t act perturbed, but she ends up leaving in the middle of the shoot to go to the airplane. Joon Hee sees the text on her phone and figures that she’s more troubled than she seems. He finds her in the parking lot – unable to drive away. She wants to brush it off and doesn’t want him to comfort her, but he takes her into a hug. She admits that Alex told her she’d be alone forever, and he says, “That’s true. You’re a stubborn and self-centered woman.” But he hugs her even tighter.

That evening, she goes to a bar to drink and send off Alex’s memories. And look who she bumps into! Yoon Kang Hee – who’s also at the bar to nurse her wounds. Seo Yeon joins her as a fellow sympathizer and tells Kang Hee that she wasn’t dumped (she always does the dumping) and she’s not so stupid as the actress to fall for a taken man. Kang Hee vows to be a stronger woman like Seo Yeon, and to never be the jilted one, but rather the jilter. Seo Yeon ends the scene with a proposal, “Do you want to work with me?”

As for Hyun Joo, she’s still getting sex tips from a book – by literally reading the book as she tries the moves on Duk Soo. PFFFFT. Duk Soo throws away the book and tells her to go with her gut feelings.

Their make out session is interrupted by an unexpected visitor – Hyun Joo’s mother! They quickly dress, and even though Hyun Joo fibs that Duk Soo is a colleague, the mother remembers him from the wedding. She quickly throws a photo in front of Hyun Joo – after much talking and effort, there’s a doctor interested in her, despite her sham marriage. She wants them to meet, and then tells Duk Soo to leave as soon as they’re done “working.”

Hyun Joo walks her mother out, and immediately her mother slaps her for being such a slut. She wants Hyun Joo to get surgery so that she can “regain her virginity” (what a load of tosh), and warns Hyun Joo to be pure and get married. Hyun Joo fires back that she doesn’t want to be like her mother (who was thrice-married), but the mother says she has a reputation to uphold as a single mother and famed pianist.

Hyun Joo actually fights her mother, but can’t do much. She presents a brave face to Duk Soo back in her home, but breaks down when Duk Soo wipes the tears from her cheeks. He’s not mad at her or her mother, so he’s that awesome guy who understands everything.

One day, In Young returns home to find Sung Soo separating her trash and recyclables. He’s actually there because her mother had sent him some grapes and called him “son-in-law.” Apparently they don’t know they broke up. Sung Soo wonders why In Young hasn’t told, since he presumes she’s already engaged to Sung Hyun.

He tries again to convince her that the fluttering she’s felt for Sung Hyun is only fleeting. He even tells her that he only cheated with her once with Kang Hee. That “incident” five years ago was him meeting an old college friend who was drunk and liked him more than he liked her. However, In Young always manages to find a counterargument that makes his explanations sound like weak excuses.

Sung Hyun then calls in, and In Young goes outside the house to meet him so that he won’t see Sung Soo. Sung Hyun is there to offer her some applications for hotel management in the States. Sung Soo nearly walks out on them with the trash but hides out of view until Sung Hyun leaves. He doesn’t want to be involved in her affairs and knows Sung Hyun would be furious with her if he found out.

In Young softens a little bit and tells him to go shopping with her for pots and ingredients to make grape jam. When they purchase a lot, Sung Soo has her carry all the bags since he’s going to “treat his future woman right” and “not help strange women.” Ha! What a way to twist her words. In Young drops all the stuff and says if he doesn’t carry it, she will throw away all the grapes.

He carries it.

They make jam up to 2 am in the morning. In Young wants Sung Soo to break the bad news to their parents. To her parents, she’d like it if he lied and said she met a better man, even though that reasoning is inconsistent with her personality. (The In Young her parents know would never have left Sung Soo.) To his parents, well, he can say whatever he wants – bad or good – about her.

She offers to let him stay for the night – which is a marked difference to how she treated her supposed-boyfriend Sung Hyun – but he turns her down. Brave man.

In Young finally gets a call from a restaurant asking her to step in and be a substitute for 4 months. She would basically be a head waitress for that fancy restaurant.

It’s also the same restaurant that Sung Hyun and his rich buddies are eating at.

Sung Hyun stiffens at the sight of her, and uncomfortable at every touch or informal word his friends say to In Young. He tries to get an explanation from her during stolen moments in the halls, but she only says she’s used to such treatment from rich men, who think of her as only a mere servant.

When In Young serves some drinks, the talk at the table turns to Sung Hyun’s recently canceled engagement. Rumors are swirling that he’s untrustworthy and that he’s as reckless as back when he had the scandal with the married friend. They want to know if he left his fiancee for a woman, and Sung Hyun only looks uncomfortably towards In Young.

That evening, In Young sees Sung Hyun parked outside her house. She knows he’s feeling guilty, and she feels bad for his situation. He comes out and hugs her. He apologizes and says she was right. They come from very different worlds, and, “There’s something (he) can’t give up either.” She thanks him for making her heart flutter whenever she was tired or sad, and as she hugs him, she pats him on the shoulder.

That’s it. They’re done. He’s finally realized they must break up.

I don’t know about you, but I kinda knew this had to happen. I feel like Sung Hyun is being completely selfish if he thinks she hasn’t sacrificed enough for him. Giving up your identity is a pretty big sacrifice for love, no matter what. I think it’s unfair of him to expect that of her. I haven’t seen what he’s had to give up so far, because everything seems to be working out for him. As for Sung Soo, I’m not advocating that In Young end up with him, but his character is way more reasonable (at this point) than Sung Hyun. Sung Soo’s realized his wrongs, and he does his best to right them. He’s also responsible, and will never take advantage of a situation to skew it in his favor over Sung Hyun.

17 thoughts on “I Need Romance: Episode 15

  1. I dont think i need to watch the episode with sub, your writing is just much more than enough, it touches ppl’s heart, deeply I think. looking foward to your new ones…

  2. thanks a lot for the recap,really appreciate that.as the story and character development i can say it quite slow than episode before but there something inside story will make us realize that something we do in our life will not go smooth according to plan,so just let it be..more to real life story,and more relax to watch than others kdrama..(sorry for bad grammar):)..hv a nice day¬!

  3. No that’s not all I have to say.. lol

    I feel bad for Sung Hyun, I want them to be together. I feel his sincerity.

  4. my mouth is open in exasperation and shock! This drama has ruined itself! why oh why! I didn’t want happy endings or neat wrap ups it should have ended with the characters all “viva life” “viva fake identity night” what in the bollocks’ left pants!

  5. ..and I hope this drama is not trying to make us believe at this point that In Young can stand on her own two feet without a man. I think we get that. I’m so not with the Girl Power movement for the ending of this drama. Women and men need each other end of story. No one wants to wither and grow old alone or with their girlfriends. Give me a break! Lets keep it real and end this drama right. lol

  6. I’ve just watched the episode and am really loving this. Its won a place with me. especially because of the ending. When he held her hand it gave me understanding that he really does care for In Young. I think they can make it work. (and yes this is my fourth comment) 🙂

  7. i want in young and sung soo end up together because i have seen how dedicated sung soo and sorry for the mistake he made to in young.

  8. if a guy fight for the love and for you girl then you should give him a chance. i can see in this drama that sung soo realized his mistake. after all its a 10yrs relationship. you cant just easily give it up, especially when a guy like song soo is doing everything just to regain the trust and love. in young is still inlove for sung soo so i guess she should give sung soo another shot again. if shes going to let go sung soo then slut would very much delightful and glad and happy? i want both of them end up together. go go sung soo and inyoung. one last thing sung soo is soooooo cute.

    • Okay 10 years but he cheated on her twice! We don’t really know to what extent the first time he cheated on her went, but if he had something to hide, that’s not being honest and respecting the one you are with. I know some couples can fix the trust that is broken and still repair their relationship. That’s usually if both people are at fault/ one of them neglects the other, ect.. I mean I don’t see what In Young did to make him cheat. If I was her, I would not be at peace if I caught my significant other cheating. We can see he has changed but is this changeenough? How

  9. If trust is broken….twice at that,a relationship cannot survive. Also it can’t survive if only one sacrifices everything. She’d be better off alone at this point, and no single life isn’t the end of the world, especiallywhen the choices will only cause more grief

    • I agree to a certain extent. Being alone is not the end of the world, but someone who cares for you wants to be there with you. And you turn them away??? Crazy.!! I wanted so badly for the new relationship to pick up with Sung Hyun, I’m sorry. Song Soo Had his chance (yes it was 10 years) but I think he had enough time to think of how much she meant to him. I wouldn’t trust the guy. I’m highly disappointed in this drama. I guess I can look at it as Hyun moving on to bigger and better things, cause these two clowns, In Young and Song Soo are mixed up totally.

      • Lol, I agree with you. Idk if this was in the “real” world, their lives really aren’t that different. Rich people don’t always marry their own “class”. I just don’t believe that they can’t be together because their lives are too different. I mean if you were a prostitute and you tried to have a normal relationship with someone religious, I mean those are extreme different lifestyles. But I guess I can kind of see the message this show is making. It’s saying that sacrifice and compromise are needed for a healthy relationship but that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice everything for a love. BUT, they could soo still be together. If she ends up with Song Soo, no matter how much he has changed, I just hope Hyun ends up with someone else.

  10. this is all i can say about in young and sung hyun – bohhoooooooooohoooooooohoooooohoooohoooohooo….i want them back together….boooohoooohooohoooo….

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