Heartstrings Reduced to 15 Episodes

It’s very likely that this is what will happen to this wonderful little series. It’s popularity is big, but its ratings are small. Kinda like You’re Beautiful.

Though there are several reasons as to why this drama would be reduced to 15 episodes, Park Shin Hye‘s accident has been a huge factor in affecting production. Though the actors are contracted to do 16 episodes, that line will be amended to 15 episodes + 1 episode special. (Who knows if that “special” also means that recap episode broadcast two weeks ago.)

On top of the accident, the low ratings and the weird director-to-writer switcheroo has affected the production. PD Pyo Min Soo had gone from being director to being the writer when he realized that the episodes were becoming “unfocused” and needed major tightening up. He was only going to write until they got they new writer on board and situated with the storyline, but then it became unlikely he would ever return to directing.

The reduction in the series hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, though I think it’s likely, as there have been two news sources already reporting it.

Until then – here are stills of Park Shin Hye in upcoming episodes. She’s turned from “Gayageum Girl” to “Guitar Girl.” And, I love her hair!

source: osen, nate, dramabeans


5 thoughts on “Heartstrings Reduced to 15 Episodes

  1. Aww I heard about this but I was hoping it wasn’t true…One less ep of Heartstrings goodness D: It’s getting SO good too!

  2. Yes it was reduced to 15 episodes but it didn’t matter anyway because this show garnered many fans because of its simple story that somehow attracted many viewers outside korea. Love it and now I miss it very much. Love Yong Hwa and Shin hye and hope their popularity soar as high as the sky above us.

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