Poseidon Back on Track with New Leads

Whoa. I did not expect to see this: Lee Si Young (Playful Kiss), Choi Siwon (Athena), and Lee Sung Jae (Lawyers of Korea) have all signed up to be part of this drama.

Hrm. While that doesn’t make me more excited for the drama, there is more hope for it yet because of Lee Si Young and Choi Siwon.

After having a disorganized start and losing it’s two biggest leads Kim Kang Woo and Eric Mun, the drama is now back on track with its leads in place. (And about time too, since the drama is to air right after Spy Myung Wol.) They’re getting together in the next two days to practice the script and start shooting.

Choi and Lee take the leads as officers of the maritime police force. No doubt sparks will fly between them. Lee Sung Jae will play the police chief.

I don’t think the leads aren’t necessarily going to bring in hordes of fans; Choi’s sweet face couldn’t attract enough fans to sit through Athena. Then again, he didn’t appear for very much. I do feel like it’s going to veer towards predictable in relationships because it no longer has two friends/rivals going against each other. Rather, it just has two people of different genders who are more than likely to butte heads with one another. However, what can make or break the drama is the actual plot line surrounding it. I feel like what made City Hunter is it’s story and plot, rather than having two characters of opposite sexes butt heads – know what I mean? So it’s similar in this case, but Poseidon needs to prove itself with its story – even though it’s probably getting rewritten for its new cast.

source: star news, dramabeans


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