News Bits: 8/1/11 Edition

Oh dear. Kim Jeong Hoon (currently in I Need Romance) recently got booked for DUI and had his driver’s license revoked. Someone reported him for driving after drinking, and was pulled over. His alcohol level was 0.129%, which was enough for him to get his license revoked.

The actor was just getting his stride after coming back from the military, acting in I Need Romance and shooting the film “Punchline” with Yoo Dong Gun. He was also set to host two music shows in Japan – “Gaon Monthly Countdown” and “M-Studio.”

Well – at least he didn’t get into an accident.

  • Chun Jung Myung definitely is going to be in that new drama with Park Min Young, The Glory of Jae In. He will play baseball player Kim Young Gwang, who meets Park’s nurse character, Jae In, because of an injury. Love ensues. This drama follows The Princess’ Man.
  • Shinhwa is coming back! The boy band is planning on making their comeback next March, which is four years after they stopped their activities as a group. Everyone’s pretty much going to be out of the military by then: Eric Mun and Kim Dong Wan are done; Jun Jin and Andy Lee are getting out in October; Lee Min Woo gets out next February; and Shin Hye Sung was exempt due to medical reasons (he had a bad injury on his knee back in 2001 from a concert).
  • So it turns out, that photo of Park Shi Yeon in the bathtub was just part of a compilation of photos. Eyagi Entertainment stars all gathered together for a photo shoot with Marie Claire Korea under the theme “Summer Night’s Party.” Photo spam below. And fair warning – Park Shi Hoo is looking SO. FINE. MINE. (This tweeted photo suddenly makes sense)
The actors featured include Park Shi Hoo, Park Shi Yeon, Jo Yeo Jung, Nam Gyu Ri, Park Jae Jung (the cutie barista in Coffee House), Yoo Ha Na (Paradise Farm), Lee Sung Min (Creating Destiny), Otani Ryohei (Soulmate), Jo Dal Hwan (Couple Breaking), and Choi Sung Joon (It’s OK Daddy’s Girl). These photos just make me think of those commercials for that new hotel Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.
(L-R: Jo Dal Hwan, Otani Ryohei, Choi Sung Joon, Park Jae Jung, Park Shi Hoo)
(L-R: Otani Ryohei, Nam Gyu Ri, Park Shi Hoo, Choi Sung Joon)
(L-R: Otani Ryohei, Nam Gyu Ri, Park Shi Yeon, Choi Sung Joon, Park Shi Hoo)
(Otani Ryohei and Jo Yeo Jung)
(Choi Sung Joon, Otani Ryohei)
(Who else!?)
(Is that Park Shi Yeon with MY MAN!? GET YOUR PAWS OFF OF HIM!)
(Nam Gyu Ri)
(Yoo Ha Na and Jo Yeo Jung)
(Jo Yeo Jung, Park Jae Jung, Lee Sung Min, Yoo Ha Na)
(Park Shi Yeon)
(Looks like Jo Yeo Jung to me…)
(L-R: Park Shi Yeon, Nam Gyu Ri, Park Shi Hoo, Lee Sung Min)
(Park Jae Jung and Yoo Ha Na)

source: asiae, allkpop, marie claire


4 thoughts on “News Bits: 8/1/11 Edition

  1. It’s difficult to associate PSH and toilets…but Marie claire did it fine… XD
    damn sexy !

    i really like the last one

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