News Bits: 7/31/11 Edition


Nevertheless, I’m super pissed off today. Why? Because I TOTALLY missed the first day of registration for Pottermore!!! Last night I already could not access the site due to a wave of people logging in and crashing the servers. What the hell… and now today, day 1 of registration is closed. Must I go by Greenwich mean time to log on? I think I’ll be refreshing every five minutes for it.

Heh. I think I know understand that feeling when people constantly say they’re refreshing a page like mad for some drama update.

Anyways… moving on…

  • Jo In Sung is stranded in the Himalayas! No joke – even though that line could have been a wonderfully hilarious story for a movie or drama. He was up in Nepal to shoot a commercial, but due to bad weather, was forced to stay up there, wherever he is. His location is also only accessible by helicopter. He’s all good – just stranded. Like a “Frozen Flower.” Heh.
  • Rain says he’s not going to the military in October. But then, he’s also said to be entering the military in 3 months time. But then, his agency said he never got a notice. But then, he’s already postponed it and must go this year. SO – when are you going to go?! I kinda want him to just go already. Be gone and bye bye, instead of making news about when he’s going and not going.
  • As for Hyun Bin, who’s already in the military, a book about his military life will be released on August 8. It includes 300 photos of him and his fellow soldiers in training and in the barracks. The book is split into three parts, the first pertaining to Hyun Bin’s daily training schedule, part two dealing with interviews with him and his fellow soldiers, and part three being a more critical observant text on soldier life in Korea. He is seriously one actor who does not stop making headlines. After he enlisted, a wave of CFs and ads featuring him were released. Then there were photos of him training. Now he’s barely half-way through his first year and already a book about him is getting published. Next thing I know there might be a drama special being released next year when he manages to get an overnight pass out of the military…
  • Aand… Uhm Tae Woong got married!? Eric Mun sent him a series of playful tweets a few days ago about Uhm’s marriage. The following is a translation of their tweets:
Eric: When are you going to follow me? Oh, and congratulations on your marriage~*^^

Uhm: I’ve done it. You rascal!! Is marriage a joke for you? Is it a joke?!

Eric: Ahh sorry, hyung, I guess I shouldn’t have revealed it yet? Then I’ll pretend I didn’t say anything! Don’t be mad~ It’s too bad you’re mad so often~^^ I love you, hyung~

Uhm: Haha Oh man.. This is going to get ugly. Your girlfriend you were with yesterday ..looked good with you.. I’ve seen her a lot before somewhere. Oh yeah, I shouldn’t have revealed that. Yet.

Eric: You can say it~ I was filming yesterday, and that person you saw was Han Yeseul~ Anyway when you think it’s okay to announce your marriage, tell me~ So that I can congratulate you in public~

Uhm:  Everyone, Junghyuk (Eric) was just filming his drama, and I can’t get married… I’m sorry to have made everyone so upset.

Eric: We were both just joking. Hyung… Maybe we should’ve stopped at Kakao Talk…Hahaha RT [Uhm]: Everyone, Junghyuk (Eric) was just filming his drama, and I can’t get married… I’m sorry to have made everyone so upset.

Uhm: Buy me a drink!

Of course – this made the news, and everyone went a-twitter about Uhm and Mun’s single status. I love how playful they are – and how seemingly bored they must sound. One of the interesting things is that these stars just go crazy on Twitter, playing jokes on each other like real friends, unbridled by their managers and such. (It’s possible they do it for publicity purposes, but so far it sounds like two men making fun of each other as good friends.) I don’t think I’ll see something like that for Hollywood stars – although if someone does something as random as that, do point me in their direction!
For those who don’t know, Kakao Talk is a texting app that everyone in Korea practically uses. You can use it in the States too, though I will bet my bottom dollar that the only people you’ll find on it are your Korean friends.

source: asiae, chosun ilbo, nate, translation of tweets @soompi

One thought on “News Bits: 7/31/11 Edition

  1. The Himalayas are a hard place to shoot at, though extremely gorgeous..I remember a while back when a Bolly movie crew ended up getting stuck in a snowstorm in Ladhak….didn;t look to good, though they did have supplies so they were fine….they had to cancel and shoot a year later, but the scenes shot there were the most gorgeous ones in the movie…so whatever JIS is shooting there ought to look beautiful
    I am so not happy about the Marines taking advantage of Binnie’s popularity like that, its not like he’s getting paid for it and still has to do all the regular stuff there as well…and they are making a drama special w/ a bunch of the actors in the army right now…saw spoiler pics for it somewhere, though not sure where….just know Suh Ji Suk and Lee Jun Ki are in it..called Rookie’s diary
    UTW is absolutely adorkable!!!!

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