News Bits: 7/29/11 Edition

Park Shin Hye returns after her car accident with a new perm, showing off her new curls in a recent tweet. She had requested her “Lee Gyu Won” look, which her stylist then gave her, but now all she has to worry about is if her curls will fall apart in Korea’s current wet weather. Because she looks oh-so-cute, her photo has sent netizens a-buzzing about loving her hairstyle. Personally? I don’t even get why this made it on the news…and look, here I am writing about it! Heh.

  • Park Shi Yeon is making her big screen comeback after two years. She too will star in a drama called “Scent of a Woman,” except this one is a movie and it’s with Park Hee Soon and Joo Sang Wook (Paradise Farm, Giant). Her character is a wife who plays mind tricks with a detective (Park Hee Soon) while trying to catch her husband in an affair.
  • City Hunter may have just ended, but Park Min Young is jumping back into the drama game with a new series in October. The KBS drama is called (for now) The Glory of Jae In. The drama is set to start production in September, so she’ll have a month to relax, do a photo shoot overseas, and hold some interviews. The producer and writer behind Baker King Kim Tak Goo are supposed to be behind this new drama. Is anyone going to get Park Min Young fatigue? She plays a nurse who overcomes her odds (of course). There’s rumors of Chun Jung Myung starring opposite her – perhaps to redeem himself after The Duo?
  • Lee Jia and Seo Taiji are in the news again. This time, it’s because they finally reached a settlement in their divorce case. There was no financial transaction involved, but instead they reaffirmed their date of divorce and made an agreement to not cause any further misunderstandings or rumors to spread. Their agreement included the fact that neither can spread rumors or claims about their past marriage, and they cannot capitalize on it in the form of a tell-all book. They can’t raise anymore legal disputes over their divorce in the future. Basically the agreement is geared towards protecting their privacy. I’d love to see this kind of agreement take place in Hollywood – because it’ll probably never happen.
  • And guess what these three actors have all in common? Kim Sun Ah, Lee Bo Young, and Ji Sung are all sporting pama hair (and for the girls, oversized glasses) in their new dramas – Scent of a Woman, Hooray for Love, and Protect the Boss respectively. For Kim and Lee, it’s a frumpy look that helps magnify the difference when they get a makeover. For Ji Sung, it’s a way to emphasize his “bad boy”-ness as a spoiled chaebol son. Oh curly hair – how you must go away!

source: newsen, asiae, dramabeans, nate, star news


5 thoughts on “News Bits: 7/29/11 Edition

  1. But I thought CJm did pretty good in Duo, which also did wel ratings-wise. So why does he have to redeem himself here

  2. Bad news! Yoo Seung Ho was involved in a car accident on a highway … it was serious… omg… so worried… he suffered a- acial injury due the accident.

  3. Hey Kae any news/update about Uhm Ki-Joon – whether he’s still in or out of SoAW? (i REALLY hope he stays though I understand the gravity of DUI)

    Also @liz17 about the yoo seung ho accident, I read elsewhere that he apparently he sustained a fracture or something but nothing life-threatening so in a way all good

    • I personally haven’t seen any news about it. It’s probably because they’re still determining whether they will charge him or not after test results.

      If he does get charged though, and has to leave, that’s a true shame.

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