A Spate of Car Accidents Plague Actors

Really, almost every other day, someone’s had a car accident. I’m sure the current weather in Korea isn’t helping, as it is the rainy season, and even if you drive carefully, you can still end up skidding. But still…can we get no-skid tires and alert drivers for these people!?

Yoo Seung Ho is the latest actor to get in a car accident.

The actor from Warrior Baek Dong Soo suffered a minor fracture on his face after his van skidded on the wet roads. It wasn’t too severe (though I’m sure it will affect how he looks. See Jung Il Woo injuring his nose while filming 49 Days.)  Nevertheless, the injury wasn’t so severe that it will affect filming too much. He currently appears to not have many problems, although honestly you never know…

…Like with Park Shin Hye, who famously got in a car accident, went back on set, only to have to be hospitalized again because her injuries were more severe than initially believed.  She underwent physiotherapy before going back on set.

Uhm Ki Joon (Dream High) was also in a car accident recently, but the alcohol content in his blood was way over the limit. There’s a likelihood that he’ll be charged with DUI, and if so, he’ll drop out of Scent of a Woman.

Min Hyo Rin was also in a car accident while filming Romance Town when her car’s tire was punctured. No one was injured in this particular accident, and she reached her destination safely.

Kim Jae Won (Can You Hear My Heart?) didn’t get into a car accident this past month, but he did suffer the after effects of it, getting treatment for a ruptured disc in his neck.

And let’s not even mention Daesung and Han Ye Seul‘s accidents.

My goodness – the last time I saw car accidents happen in a row was probably a few years ago with the Boys Over Flowers cast members getting into accidents one right after another. Really – all it takes is for just one more person to get in an accident and die in this case. I’m scared that one morning I’ll wake up and read something as shocking as Lee Eon’s motorcycle accident a few years ago.

sources: star news, nate


6 thoughts on “A Spate of Car Accidents Plague Actors

  1. Don’t even say this, I also don’t wish nothing like Lee Eon’s accident happens again!

    I wish they could drive more safely.

    Hope KJW, YSH, PSH get better soon!

    • Btw, even thought YSH injury was small it seems a staff – a woman- who was in the car together is in a very bad situation she is even in the intensive tratament unit.

  2. Lee Eon. 😥

    Any time his name is mentionned, my eyes get automatically wet. Can’t help it. And hoping that none of my dear celebs will undergo such tragic events.

  3. O man….Lee Eon’s case was so sad..this was before I even started watching kdramas, so when I checked out his profile after watching Coffee Prince, it cam as a huge shock
    btw Kaedejun, I think you made a mistake in Kim Jae Won’s statement…”He didn’t get into a car accident but stil suffered the after effects of it ” ??..hehe…..it’s just a smal mistake….but I had no idea that he had gotten into an accident too

    • Heh – sorry clarification: he didn’t get in a car accident this past month in July (everyone else seems to have had it in July). Kim Jae Won’s accident was back in May, but it’s only now he got treatment for his ruptured disc.

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