I Need Romance: Episode 13

YAY! I got my wish – more Seo Yeon and Hyun Joo action! Yay! I mean it literally too – they got some action!

Mind you – this story is a little bit off in chronological order, but mainly because I try to go from one gal’s storyline to the next.

First off, we start with In Young, who’s spitting mad that she’s getting played with again by Sung Hyun. It embitters her as she searches for the contract that was supposedly thrown out. Her coworkers all tell her about the frightful fiancee who terrorizes the hotel staff. She complains over every single little thing, whether its warranted or not, and Sung Hyun hasn’t been able to do anything about it.

Furious that she’s been played, In Young decides to stop looking for the contract after a day’s search. After all, if they don’t find the contract, the guest is threatening to sue the hotel for 300 billion. Dirty and smelly, she marches everyone up to the guest’s room and apologizes; he can now sue the hotel if he wants. All she has to do is quit, and Sung Hyun will get a nice big present (from her) in the form of a $300 billion lawsuit.

But too bad! The guest actually found the contract! What an idiot – I knew that guest lost the contract himself. But anyways, the staff cheer, and In Young mopes. Exiting the hotel, they bump into “Nuclear Bomb,” the nickname the staff has given Sung Hyun’s fiancee, and plaster themselves against the wall. Of course, Nuclear Bomb nitpicks on their smell and dirty appearance.

She goes back home, unable to take her revenge, and decides to spend the rest of her vacation eating herself to oblivion. She doesn’t even bother to shower. Ew.

Sung Soo is worried about In Young, having realized that she’s not around, and perhaps worried she might have seen Nuclear Bomb. He calls her up, but she ignores his calls. Ha – no matter, he’s got the keys to her house! He finds her in a messy state, and cleans up after her, vacuuming, throwing away her trash, and making sure she changes. In Young just sleeps away – and I LOVE how she just scooches across the rug when he tries to vacuum her spot. It’s sooooo… like me. O_O

Sung Soo manages to drag In Young out to a sauna, and there, she cries about Sung Hyun. Oddly enough, Sung Soo is there to support her, and later that evening, In Young realizes that Sung Soo just became her friend. He went from childhood friend -> lover -> most hated person alive -> friend. It helps that he understands her, and doesn’t begrudge her for her smelly farts.

The next morning, she wakes up to find Seo Yeon at her home. Sung Soo had called her up and asked that she take care of In Young as he’s going to be busy. He even prepared a lot of instant food so that Seo Yeon could cook it up easily, knowing that she doesn’t know how to cook.

Suddenly, Hyun Joo bursts into In Young’s house. SCANDAL! Everyone’s quitting the ping pong hall because rumors have circulated that Duk Soo has AIDS. Poor guy. Hyun Joo wants to rationalize and think about the best way to solve this, but Seo Yeon points out that thinking too much hasn’t really helped her solve any of her problems. So Hyun Joo springs into action – she creates a gazillion flyers and stuffs them in newspapers and tapes them in posts, all proclaiming Duk Soo’s innocence. She even puts a black bar on a picture of herself to show that she was the actual culprit.

Duk Soo is dismayed to see all these flyers in his neighborhood, and he follows the path of flyers… to where Hyun Joo is. He’s surprised, but probably very touched too about it.

The next morning, Hyun Joo wakes up in her bed. Naked. And next to Duk Soo. THEY DID IT AGAIN!! WOOT WOOT!

Hyun Joo screams at why Duk Soo took advantage of her when they were drunk, and Duk Soo explains (by using Hyun Joo’s high voice) that last night, a drunk Hyun Joo threw herself on him, wanting to know what it feels like when the “waves come crashing” during sex. I’m guessing… orgasm? Anyways, she kisses him, and they ended up in bed. Hee. I love that it’s Hyun Joo’s fault.

Duk Soo gets out of bed and he’s all, “Let’s go eat!” Hyun Joo screams and covers her eyes. AND THEN SHE PEEKS! And Duk Soo’s all, “AHHH!” covering his parts, but when he sees her looking, he cocks (HA) up an eyebrow and gives her the look that says, “Yeah – you lookin’ at that?”

AHHHHHHH – give me one moment to scream in a fit of giggles, because it’s so dumb and hilarious!!!

*ahem* ANYWAYS.

Now Seo Yeon’s story. She goes over to Joon Hee’s place, visiting him after a meeting with a department store. Since she’s not too busy, Joon Hee offers to cook her lunch – he can even make an Italian omelette. He sends her out to buy eggs, but then belatedly remembers that she needs to get some mushrooms too. As he chases out the door after her, he overhears Seo Yeon telling Alex that she’ll meet him at the swimming pool after she has lunch with a “friend.” He pretends it’s nothing though, but Seo Yeon looks a bit troubled when she realizes that Joon Hee could have overheard her.

Seo Yeon gets another message while finishing lunch. Joon Hee tells her she should go meet Alex soon, but Seo Yeon says it’s ok. She wants to wash the dishes too. Joon Hee tells her that if she doesn’t leave in five minutes, he’ll kiss her. “OK,” Seo Yeon says – “Kiss me and see if you can stop!”

He kisses her – passionately, and he realizes that it’s very hard to stop.

When Seo Yeon finally meets with Alex, he presents her a blueprint for a house he wants to build – when he marries her. Seo Yeon looks at him in the eye, and sincerely apologizes for who she is, but Alex doesn’t get it. Sighhh*

Now back to In Young. She goes back to work before her vacation is over, and immediately is called in by Nuclear Bomb. Nuclear Bomb wants to talk to her – she’s heard that she and Sung Hyun are quite close from the other employees. Nuclear Bomb is on the hunt for “that girl” who has made Sung Hyun turn his back against his family and declare himself in love with another person. It appears his marriage to Nuclear Bomb would have been a business transaction between their families. In addition, Sung Hyun has had the reputation of being quite the playboy, and his family has been reining him in ever since his escapades abroad.

In Young is shell-shocked. She denies any knowledge of “this girl,” and so Nuclear Bomb assigns her the task of finding the girl. If she doesn’t find the girl, she’ll be fired.

WELL WELL WELL – isn’t that quite the dilemma for In Young, who’ll be fired whether she “finds” the girl or not? She bangs her head against the elevator door, and topples in mid-bang as the doors open. Inside, Sung Hyun is standing there.

He apologizes, and asks for her patience. He just needed a week, and by tomorrow (the end of that week) he’ll have everything resolved. Well, in my honest opinion, he’s moving incredibly slow at “resolving things.” Sung Hyun declares that his love for In Young will never change. However, she’s had enough of his talk, and possibly all his lies. Before she gets betrayed by so-called “love” again, she’ll ditch it first. “I don’t need love anymore,” she declares. “There’s no such thing as love in my life anymore.”

And with that – she stomps out of the elevator.

Yeah – I don’t think this parting is going to last. However, this episode was the first time I actually hoped Sung Soo and In Young could rekindle their romance. One cannot deny the familiarity and comfort of having someone who’s known you so well by your side.


25 thoughts on “I Need Romance: Episode 13

  1. Thanks for the recap. I’m grateful someone id recapping this drama.

    And you are right–one cannot denying the usefulness that comes from the familiarity and usefulness of knowing a lover well. It useful to remember that even though he is a great friend and support he does have a habit of succumbing to other women who find him appealing.

    Haven’t seen the episode but I’m curious if I will understand why In-Young is mad at Sung-Hyun. From the recap, it seems the episode makes clear that Sung-Hyun’s feelings are genuine and he is trying to break away from his family’s plan for him to be with her.

  2. I should say I am more inclined to Seo Yeon and Hyun Joo stories than In Young’s love live, which have turn into the same path as most of K-drama. I see soo much potential from this drama but since the fiance showed up it sound too familiar to disregard. Regardless, I am still loving the show and cant wait to pick up the next episode

    And thanks for the recap.

  3. haizz, I am a bit tired of IY’s love, and care more abt Seo Yeon and Joon Hee, I love the way Joon Hee changes himself to accept her, In the beginning, he hated her (or not hated her at all but looked down on her), then kept distance to be safe with the frivolous woman, and now, giving up to be with her, and I can tell its not easy for him, and Ms Random love Seo Yeon step by step falls for him withour realizing it, I love it in the end, she comes to him, begging him to love her again…. love it
    Thanks for your recap, hope to see ep 14 soon.

  4. you want her to go back to a cheater? Comfort isn’t worth the pain of knowing that at any time the man you love will go to another woman. either way, thank you so much for the recaps!!

    • Can you please tell me why she rejected the proposal? I saw the episode 14 but I don’t understand so I am dying to find out why she rejected him!!! šŸ˜¦

      • i dont understand it either coz there were no subs but from what I gathered, she realized that sung soo cared for her and understands her better…dammit i really want her to get together with the tall dude…he’s far cuter and he loves her more than she loves him – plus his grandparents accepted her already…

      • She rejected the proposal because she said there was someone she loved more than him and that person is “Herself”. He and his family want to reinvent her identity to make her more acceptable to marry.

  5. That’s what I thought too but I am hoping that it is not the case!!! I also really want her to be with Sung Hyun!!! After the romantic song and the proposal, she rejected him?? How could she? I didn’t expect that kind of result… I am so desperate to find out what she said to him grrrrrr wish I understod Korean!!!!

  6. what’s going to be stupid is she’s really going back to her cheating bf…that makes me mad…i know he’s trying to make up for it but i just know they are getting back together…he’s the male lead you know..

    • if in young really goes back to sung soo, i’m sooo gonna bawl from frustation.. no matter what sung soo did to make up for his mistakes, i cannot justify why would she choose that cheating boyfriend over sung hyun.. sung hyun is a cutie pie who did absolutely nothing wrong and sung soo hasn’t paid enough for the grave mistake he did.. twice!!!

  7. Yeah! What the heck? Sung Hyun didn’t do anything wrong. Sung Soo is such a cheating jerk. If he does it once, he’ll do it again! šŸ˜¦

    • they have it on dramafever now with subs…13 and 14. I’m at work right now and i had to watch the last part of ep 14…i swear your are going to puke because of in young and ditching cutie pie.

  8. I can’t watch drama fever because I am not in US šŸ˜¦ can you please tell me what Inyoung said to Sung Hyun? Thank you!!! I agree with you guys! If she went back to her cheating bf of hers, I am going to be so pissed off! She must be insane to leave SungHyun who is so sweet, rich, handsome and loves and adores her!! If I were here I would pick him in a heartbeat!!

  9. Never mind just read the epi 14 recap lol ok now I feel better! I can understand why Inyoung rejected the proposal. I just hope Sung Hyun will go back and accept her for who she is!

  10. not because he’s rich but he really like in young…you know his grandparents made all those plants for them but she can take advantage of that and do something for herself…shit she doesnt even have to live with sunghyun yet….id go paris of whatever for a year…save up all the $$$ they give and when they send sung hyun, run the hell away from all of that! just my opinion…lol

    • LOL you made me laugh out loud! I also really do like sung hyun too… i am so hoping that she would end up with him in the end. Even if she doesn’t, I still don’t want her to go back to her cheating bf. I would be really disappointed if that happens! The preview for next week doesn’t help either… it looks like she was patching things up with both guys and since I don’t understand the words, I am not sure what is going on…. btw, do you know where I can watch episode 11 with eng subs besides dramafever? I am no longer in US so I can’t use that website anymore… damn it, that’s the only regret I have from moving lmao! Thanks Mek!

      • ill respond to you when i get home…i have them all bookmarked hehe….im at work and all of those sites are blocked šŸ˜¦

  11. Anyone know the name of the actor that plays Joon Hee? I am quickly falling in love with him and want to find more he has been in.

  12. Thank you Drama Gods for someone finally recapping this awesome show. Is it me or does every other blog just recap like three shows and leave the others by the wasteside. I love love love this show. It’s so different and more realistic from other KDrama shows. Idk why there are only a handful of fans of this beautifully written show. But I’m thankful oh so thankful that at least there is one person who felt the need to recap INR. YAY!!!!!!!!

  13. I think “The Woman Who still Wants to Marry” is a better version of “I need romance”. More realistic and more kick-ass actors, esp the awlsome Bu-ki

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