News Bits: 7/25/11 Edition

Oh the most hilarious photoshop ever!

Park Shi Yeon, Nam Gyu Ri, and Park Jin Hee all participated in a photo shoot for Marie Claire Korea, dressed in bathrobes in a hotel tub. Thing is, if you look carefully, Park Shi Yeon’s legs are gone!! It doesn’t even look plausible that Park is standing behind the tub, as it looks to be quite connected to the wall. (Then again, it could be just the angle and she could be standing behind it!)

Either way – funny photoshop indeed!

  • Choi Si Won’s grandmother passed away on July 22nd, and so he tweeted a photo of him and his granny, saying that she was the most beautiful person in the world. The photo is quite the sweet one – grandkid with his granny!
  • Kim Jae Won (Can You Hear My Heart?) is currently receiving outpatient treatment for a ruptured disc in his neck. He had gotten in a car accident back in May, and started feeling the after-effects of the accident while filming his latest drama. Can You Hear My Heart just ended a few weeks ago.
  • Protect the Boss released two new posters today. The drama stars Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, Jaejoong, and Wang Ji Hye. The first poster reminds me of the poster for Birth of the Rich, but it’s quite funny especially since Choi Kang Hee looks like she just burst through the paper. We’ll see if it lives up to it’s funny images, because Spy Myung Wol didn’t so much…
  • I just watched Baker King Kim Tak Gu. OK, perhaps the better word is “skimmed through.” I just looked through all the videos and fast forwarded through all the juicy bits. For the most part, I got the story (without the theatrics). Yoon Si Yoon runs away from his privileged life wanting to be with his mother. He spends 12 years looking for her, and in the meantime gets an apprenticeship at a famous bakery alongside Joo Won, who happens to be his younger half-brother. Except Joo Won isn’t really a half-brother because his mother had him with his father’s secretary. Anyways – fight fight fight, friendship, compete, jealousy, fight again – and we get to the end, where all ends well for the family. Eugene wasn’t as hateful as I expected her to be, but perhaps I just wasn’t paying enough attention. And Jun Kwang Ryul as a kindly father? Whoaaa! I have to say, I can now understand why this drama was just soo good. It’s literally like Shining Inheritance. But with two guys.
  • And now, let’s just enjoy some fine piece of male specimen in the form of Ricky Kim, looking not at all like his dorkier self in I Need Romance.

source: osen, asiae, allkpop, star news


3 thoughts on “News Bits: 7/25/11 Edition

  1. There is space behind the tub because of there are shadows angled on the wall. Besides there is a faucet right there and no amount of photoshop can make that possible

  2. The article explains that PSY was standing between the wall and the tub. But aside from that, are you sure Park Jin Hee is in that picture because I can’t find her. I recognize Park Shi Yeon, Jo Yeo Jung, Nam Gyuri, and Yoo Ha Na. I can’t recognize the girl to the far left who’s holding the wine bottle, but she doesn’t look like Park Jin Hee to me no matter how much I look at it. Hmm…

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