News Bits: 7/24/11 Edition

Guess who’s back on set!?

Park Shin Hye was recently given the OK from doctors to return to set after being in a car accident and requiring re-hospitalization on Wednesday. She is expected to be on set during the weekend, and filming can resume. The eighth episode will air this coming Wednesday.


Also, if you want to leave a comment or send your well wishes to Park Shin Hye, DramaFever is collecting them through this post, and will be sending it to her!

  • Kim Hye Sung revealed a picture of him at the training camp through his management agency. He’s already completed his training and is set to go on active duty. Boy hasn’t lost his baby face yet! I wonder how he’ll look in 21 months. Also – can I have some of that watermelon behind you?
  • Guess who was in New York!? Yoo Ah In (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) posted a photo on Twitter of him in the city. I have no idea where he is based on that photo, but I’m pretty sure if I saw him, I might miss him. He looks like a typical Asian in New York too.
  • More stills of Kim Sun Ah in a wedding dress with Lee Dong Wook. Interesting that the two of them seem to get married. Whether it’s a dream or not remains to be seen, but based on javabeans‘ episode 1 recap, I wouldn’t put it past them to actually get married – even if it’s not legal. Now that she knows she’s going to die, Kim’s character is probably going to go to her dream beach in Okinawa. And since Lee’s character is apathetic to marriage, I can see him getting married to her for the heck of it. She sure is more likable than Seo Hyo Rim‘s character.

source: asiae, Feverwatch, nate, star news


One thought on “News Bits: 7/24/11 Edition

  1. I wonder if they marry or not.. it would be interesting, he marrying her just because he doesn’t give a damn LOL

    Other news: Kim Jae Wook will stop all his activities to rest due to a neck disc problem.. T_T

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