I Need Romance: Episode 12

Episode 12 was epic in its own way. I expected some of the twists that happened to In Young, but for the events that happened to Hyun Joo and Seo Yeon had me giddy with excitement. And I will try my damnest to NOT make a typo on the boys’ names!!

Once again, we have In Young being all giddy over her new relationship, as to her, everything is sailing smoothly.  Using a report as an excuse, she sends a note to Sung Hyun about going to watch a movie. He rejects her – twice, which makes In Young think that something is wrong. I mean, there’s got to be a better excuse than him just being busy, right?!

Turns out there is – he’s still miffed and jealous about her sewing up the button for Sung Soo. In Young laughs – first off, it’s all a misunderstanding and she didn’t sew up the button (she cut it off instead). Secondly, she is actually quite pleased to see that he’s jealous, because it just shows how much he cares for her. Of course, Sung Hyun just thinks she’s a really weird girl now.

While all may be well, Sung Hyun suddenly gets a call from someone, and he has to pick up the person at the airport. It does not bode well. He goes to the movies with In Young afterwards, completely preoccupied, and at dinner, he asks In Young to trust him. She may see or hear things that she may not like, but she shouldn’t believe them. For just the following week, he asks her to ignore everything.

GROAN – of course we all know that’s code for “I’m probably betrothed right now but trying to get away from said-clingy-fiancee, and so please wait by my side as I work to get rid of her.” In Young doesn’t exactly know what he’s talking about, but is sufficiently worried. She agrees to trust him though.

That evening, Seo Yeon and In Young get a text from Hyun Joo – an uber-dramatic farewell. They sigh – it must be Hyun Joo’s theatrics again, but then they realize that she sounds like she’s about to kill herself!

And that’s exactly what she’s trying to do! She’s dragged Duk Soo to the harbor so that the two of them can jump into the sea and commit suicide. Duk Soo is practically humoring her at this point, not wanting her to be alone. Seo Yeon is calling Hyun Joo’s phone, and so he picks it up for her. Out of earshot, he quickly tells Seo Yeon where they are and that Hyun Joo wants to die. He hopes they can come soon because he’s really tired!


Seo Yeon and In Young race to the pier, with the former griping about Hyun Joo’s dramatics: “If that girl doesn’t die I’m going to kill her myself!” Duk Soo is trying to delay their death for a bit, but Hyun Joo grabs his hand and tells him to just run and jump.

The friends get to the pier and see only Hyun Joo and Duk Soo’s shoes. They scream frantically – and find Hyun Joo and Duk Soo sitting on the dock, shivering. Apparently Hyun Joo’s learned swimming for three years, and Duk Soo was a professional swimmer. HA!

Although on a side note, can Duk Soo be any more perfect? Tall and lanky, with the perfect amount of geekiness, athletic, and looks like an awesome lover…

They bring Hyun Joo home and tuck her into bed. Seo Yeon and In Young ruminate over how they ever became friends with Hyun Joo. She was always a little bit crazy – ever since school when they first met and found Hyun Joo crying because her dongsaeng ran away. They agree to help her… until they realize that this “dongsaeng” is a dog. So Hyun Joo’s always been melodramatic. If she’s worried about what the doctor said, it’s more likely she just didn’t listen to the doctor’s diagnosis before freaking out!

Sung Soo and his crew are filming a scene at the airport, and when he grabs a coffee with Kang Hee, he spots Sung Hyun in the distance. Greeting a girl. And putting his arm around her. Sung Soo is angry on In Young’s behalf, disgusted that the second guy she picks is a cheater (like him).

Of course, he doesn’t see that Sung Hyun is actually annoyed with this girl, and that the girl is miffed that he’s trying to dump her when they’re both oh-so-wealthy.

Later that day, Sung Soo sees In Young struggling with a potted plant and helps her. He tries to be her friend, rather than anything else, but they settle for being “strangers” to each other – strangers that know a bit too much about each other and how to push each other’s buttons. Basically, he pities her because of Sung Hyun.

In Young accepts his help, but tells him to stop being so nice to girls. He should treat Kang Hee with more respect.

They bump into each other again at a convenient store, and Sung Soo offers to pay for her ice cream. In Young refuses it because they’re “strangers,” remember? Sung Soo shrugs, and leaves. But woops – In Young doesn’t have enough money. She’s forced to mooch ten bucks from him.

They both sit outside, and Sung Soo wonders if In Young has always been this “rough.” More like spunky and un-ladylike. In Young doesn’t care – Sung Hyun doesn’t have to see this side of her to love her. I have to admit that I kind of like this new relationship between Sung Soo and In Young – they’re more frank, and their sparks still fly.

Sung Soo tells her that In Young isn’t that great anyways – she was a terrible kisser, and he had to teach her how to kiss him. On top of that, she likes to make all those cute, aegyo faces. She’s 33! She shouldn’t make those faces anymore! I love how he copies her too. As they part ways, Sung Soo reminds her to pay him back the 10 bucks.

Now on to Seo Yeon. Joon Hee comes to her apartment, reminding her that she missed their planned shoot that afternoon. They are quite civil, and Joon Hee makes some coffee for the both of them. They both agree to go out and grab dinner, and as Seo Yeon goes to brush her teeth, they get a visitor.

It’s Alex.

Alex and Joon Hee regard each other with suspicion, and Seo Yeon is now left to smooth over matters. She explains that Joon Hee is just a coworker, but Joon Hee goes: “Is our relationship that simple?” EEP! He continues: “I’m a photographer – Seo Yeon is my model.” Alex is sufficiently eased, especially since he’s introduced as the “boyfriend.” He takes Seo Yeon to the sofa and reveals all the room service food he brought over, as well as a dress he bought for her.

Joon Hee makes his exit from this awkward scene, not wanting to intrude on this dinner. Seo Yeon walks him out, and she apologizes for the awkwardness. But whatever for? They just had a one-night stand, and it meant nothing. Right? “Don’t be an amateur,” he says.

For the first time, Seo Yeon is actually uneasy at having her own words thrown back into her face.

In Young is getting ready for her week’s vacation, probably taken on purpose to coincide with Sung Hyun’s need of a one-week reprieve. Unfortunately she can’t sleep, and so she heads over to the movie theater. There, she finds Sung Soo!

They sit next to each other, and every so often, In Young mooches off some popcorn from him. After the movie, she pays him back, and then they go to his apartment so that she can pick up some books to read. She’s annoyed he hasn’t changed his password, but he responds: even if her birthday is on Christmas, does she own Christmas?! On top of that, she spots a photo of the two of them together in the living room. He really needs to start getting rid of any remnants of her if he’s going to move on with Kang Hee.

When she goes home after receiving his books, she wonders how on earth they met at the theater. At home, Sung Soo laughs over the confirmation text for the movie – In Young had used his movie membership card when purchasing her tickets, and that’s how he knew.

The next morning, In Young is ready to sleep in, but her junior concierge phones in with an urgent message. The maid had swept a guest’s room despite the “Do Not Disturb” sign outside because In Young had told her to. In the process, she accidentally threw away a 300 billion dollar contract.

In Young races over and orders everyone to check and make sure the garbage hasn’t been taken away yet. It’s bad news though because when she gets there, the garbage has already been taken away. They head back inside the hotel, and In Young sees Sung Hyun’s car drive up to the front door. He gets out… with another girl… who links her arm with his.

So… is this what he wanted her to trust him about? Or did she just make a big mistake once again?

I’m personally not too worried about this new obstacle in In Young and Sung Hyun’s relationship. Actually, what I want even more is details on Seo Yeon and Hyun Joo. Though their love lives may seem to be more straightforward, I actually like their men better. More than Sung Soo and Sung Hyun.


18 thoughts on “I Need Romance: Episode 12

  1. Thank you for your recap! This drama is refreshing and addictive. I feel like the characters are my friends now. Hahaha!

  2. I love the development between Seo Yeon and Joon Hee (I just noticed that Minhyuk’s character in You’ve Fallen for Me is also named Joon Hee haha more name confusion for you)..Can’t wait til Ep 13!

  3. i’m not watching (still, but damnit I know now that I will once this show ends) so I can say this – I think, haha – that I’m still rooting for her and Sung Soo. Maybe it’s that too-comforting relationship, but they just seem to complement each other so well. So well. Ugh it’s both frustrating and sweet

  4. dear kae!!! thanks a lot for your hardwork! ^^
    i haven’t watch this ep yet, and that’s why i need your recap badly… lol
    and yes, i really look forward to the development of Seo Yeon and Joon Hee with their men.. but actually i’m a little worried about In Young and Sung Hyun though.. please2 i really want them to be together at the end because he treasures her very much.. plus the compatibility between them can be worked out over time, aye? although Sung Soo knows a lot about In Young’s habit et cetera, Sung Hyun has been exposed with it to over a year they work together, right? (lol i still crack up whenever i think about In Young farting, and she simply blames it on Sung Hyun)
    p/s : can i have that “Tall and lanky, with the perfect amount of geekiness, athletic, and looks like an awesome lover…” dork? (insert big grin here)

    • oppss i mean the development between Seo Yeon and Hyun Joo with their men.. i messed up their names lol.. well i know you know who i’m referring to though.. ^^

  5. agreed! i rather hear more about seo yeon and hyun joo and their respective matches other than the lead. her story is getting a tad stale.

  6. I’ve got the feeling In Young is going to understand she’s not up to par with
    Sung Hyun (him being rich chaebol and her a concierge) and this will lead
    her back to Sung Soo’s arms. After her experience with Sung Soo’s
    cheating I don’t think she’ll be very understanding of SH’s predicament and
    it’ll be over before it really started. Too bad! SH made a big mistake by not
    telling her of his situation and SS will take advantage of this to get back in IY’s
    good graces.

  7. I like this show even though sometimes In Young confuses the hell out of me. I really want to see Seo Yeons relationship start with Mr Photographer because it’s obvious to me that when he says he hates her he just hates her player ways. I feel sorry for Alex though it seems he really likes her.

  8. Heard from the DB people that you were recapping this drama, so I headed on over. Enjoyed your recaps, thanks so much for letting me get caught up on this drama!

  9. i’ve thought about soo hyung and in young’s relationship and this incident is what might bring her back to sung soo…sigh…i really like soo hyung…if their relationship work, this will be the best drama for me in a while…coffee prince was my first and only…

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