Han Ye Seul Makes Demands on Set

Han Ye Seul is being a diva on set. Whether it’s for good reason or not remains to be seen.

The actress recently requested that she work only a 5-day week, which is difficult for the production team as their work week is usually a 6-day one. Since she’s the main actress, it’s hard to shoot without her, and so the production team has had to accommodate her schedule. She was touted as being inconsiderate as she suddenly stopped working one afternoon and left the set, not coming back until 11am the next day. On another day, she had requested a day off.

Han reportedly said that if she was not granted a 5-day work week, she would step down from the drama. The production company was quoted as thus:

“A request like that doesn’t even come from major top stars as well. Top stars are fussier about shooting related conditions. However, they hardly disregard their fellow actors and crew like this making everything shake”.

Now, she may very well have a good reason as to why she only wants a 5-day work week. However, she really has bad PR. First she gets into a car accident scandal (which she wasn’t really at fault for but still…) and now she has this almost unreasonable demand for a drama that follows a live shoot format. I shouldn’t judge, since I don’t know the conditions of filming a TV drama, but I do think she is being quite a diva. If you signed up for a TV drama, shouldn’t you expect a schedule like this? What makes you think that you can just do whatever you want without considering how other actors’ schedules may be affected?

On top of that, Spy Myung Wol isn’t doing that great in ratings, so shouldn’t you want to work harder and bring your drama to the top? I’ve watched a couple of episodes – episodes 3-4 rather than 1-2 – and I’m actually not even impressed. I think it’s weird overall. I do need to watch episode 1-2, as the side characters are funny, but some of the main characters are just plain stiff or grating.

source: hancinema


2 thoughts on “Han Ye Seul Makes Demands on Set

  1. As I understand, the production signed knowing her conditions soif they knew that they can’t comply to her request… they should have signed with another actress … there are so many actresses that want a main role in a drama
    However if they signed under her conditions, they should respect them, if they have other demands than the contract I understand why she is doing problems : a bit an eye for an eye: a problem in my schedule, take another problem in your schedule
    After the signing I think that the normal step was to keep an eye for a schedule to make everyone happy including the main stars
    After me this is the next step for the other actors: Goodbye 3 dramas = 2 accidents on set (yep Lee Min Hot it is about u too)
    And we don’t have only the actors megatired but their staff too :see Park Shi Hye’s case

    I don’t think Han Ye Seul is the problem of the low ratings: they run after their own tail using the main char doing the same things over and over again when we are in first 2 weeks… you know that ppl have more than 2 weeks memory span. More than this: they cut in the middle of the scene when it comes about secondary chars or plot related chars
    We know plenty of dramas that were/are very popular no matter the main leads : Baker King had unknown actors ( YSY had some popularity before but Joo Won was a total rookie in television), while Midas, Personal taste, Heartstrings, Playful kiss, Marry Me Marry or u name it had A++++ listers being a huge flop in Korea… the usual problem with these dramas? script written on crack and the PD in charge high as a kite
    Before insulting their employee… I think they should resolve their problem with the schedule … and the story
    Frankly I like the main leads a lot and I like the secondary pair even more šŸ˜€ and I ship them like mad … but they need to fix their troubles without washing the laundry in public

  2. DIVA-syndrome makes me cringe.
    Park Shin Hye returned to set after a figgin accident! Not that I say its the right choice, still it’s a considerate choice on her behalf.

    Complete of tangent, are you recapping The Princess’s Man Kaedejun? I watched the first two eps and the visually is absolutely stunning!
    It looks like a really nicely done film.

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