News Bits: 7/20/11 Edition

Scent of a Woman is airing this weekend! Kim Sun Ah mentioned in an interview that she lost a lot of weight for the role because she was playing someone who was dying. She ate rice once a day, and slept for only 2 hours a day. I’m not surprised that she is so devoted to her role, since she gained weight for My Lovely Sam Soon and now is losing weight for a role. But funnily enough, she also says, “I wish (the director) focused more on the drama’s story rather than my outer appearance.”

Um. Should I be worried about the drama plot then?

  • Kim Rae Won will costar with Su Ae in the drama Forget Me Not, now known as Thousand Day Promise. He will be replacing the rumored-star-Song Seung Hoon. Meh. 1) It’s a melodrama. 2) I never got into Kim Rae Won, no matter how enjoyable Attic Cat may have been. 3) The story is about a woman who loses her memory and is being called a younger version of “The Notebook.” I must be too young to appreciate the romantic notions of that film.
  • As for Daesung‘s car accident – he won’t be charged for killing the motorcyclist, but reached a settlement with the man’s family. Thank God; I’ve felt bad for him.
  • Lee Yeon Hee might star in an upcoming film with Jo In Sung. It will be Jo’s first project since he left the army. The film is a sci-fi fantasy about a high school senior who gains superhuman powers and saves the girl he likes. He becomes a vigilante of sorts as well. So Korea’s finally going the comic book-superhero blockbuster route? UHHHH… Not entirely sure which characters these actors are playing, but I can’t suspend my belief if Jo In Sung is the high school senior.
  • And a photo spam of Jung Gyu Woon! The hottie had an interview about the end of Romance Town and only had praise for Sung Yuri in her role as Noh Soon Geum. He admitted his name is unusual for a Korean name, but it’s his real name (rather than an off-kilter stage name). He mentions that the next role he’d like to take on is that of a villain. I’d actually like to see that – he already has a big hulking body. Can we make him a tortured villain with lots of scars and a taste for blood? No – not a vampire, but just someone who’s murderous and dangerous.

sources: asiae, dramabeans, allkpop, newsen


3 thoughts on “News Bits: 7/20/11 Edition

  1. JGW …hum hum…only for Sung Yuri ?? hum hum are they together ? hum hum…^_^
    Yessss a villain but i prefer villain in sageuk drama ! (like Lee Jong Hyuk – Chuno) ..

    Kim Sun Ah is always cute…In fact, i have the feeling that Scent of a Woman will be a melo drama … a new challenge for her.

  2. aww idk if I’d be able to take cute JKW seroiusly as a villain…but then again the boy has acting chops so I’m sure he could be convincing as one…speaking of acting chops….I might be more than a little unhappy if LYH gets the lead in JIS’s first come back project….why, oh why cant SM just stick her in an idol group and just spare me??….I’ve watched nearly everything the girl’s been in since her debut (except the giant EOE) and she has not improved an inch and while I’ve always given in because of the other actors in her projects earlier, I cant say I will be doing that anymore, no matter how much of a soft spot I have for JIS

  3. Poor Kim Sun-ah. That sounds like a horrible diet! And I have always heard the more sleep you get the better it is for losing weight plus you burn calories just by sleeping so I’m surprised at the 2 hours of sleep a day. I am also really surprised she was able to keep up with that and her work schedule because I know from personal experience that those crash diets leave you with no energy! Hopefully she won’t get sick…

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