Park Shin Hye in a Car Accident

Park Shin Hye (Heartstrings) was in a recent car accident that resulted in five people getting injured. Her van rammed into a guardrail on the highway late last night. The five people, including her manager and the actress herself, were all sent to the hospital even though none had serious injuries.

Her resting period in the hospital will not affect the filming of Heartstrings. I’m assuming she’s already filmed her scenes for the week, so she’ll only have to worry about next week’s episodes.

I can’t help but be frustrated that so many car accidents keep happening, especially late at night. I really hope those driving will not do so if they’re tired. It’s so common to just accidentally drift, then swerve, and then hit a guardrail. While that may not have necessarily happened in this instance, all these car accidents are so frequent.

source: asiae


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