News Bits: 7/18/11 Edition


The actor who portrayed an over-the-top Hallyu star (before Cha Seung Won, natch) is the “big Hallyu star” to costar alongside Choi Ji Woo in her upcoming drama Can’t Lose. He will play her lawyer husband who becomes her ex-husband.

Whoa! I don’t know if I’m happy about this or not. I personally love Yoon when he’s being over the top but in a comic way. I don’t think that’s the tone this drama is going for, but wouldn’t it be funny to see Choi Ji Woo act more carefree and loose – kind of like how she is in 2 Days 1 Night? I mean, that would make this lawyer-divorce drama a little more fun to watch.

  • Bae Doo Na is hitting it big! She’s been offered a role in a German-US production called “Cloud Atlas” about cloned human beings. This film is also supposed to be Germany’s biggest blockbuster film of yet. If she accepts the role, she will play a Korean clone and star alongside Hollywood heavy-hitters: Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, and Susan Sarandon. The Wachowski Brothers (“The Matrix”) are set to produce. The film will be shot starting this fall, and release in autumn. Bae is currently filming “Korea” with Ha Ji Won about two Korean ping-pong players (one from the North and one from the South) who come together to defeat the Chinese team during a ping-pong championship game.
  • Uhm Ki Joon recently injured his ankle during a performance of his play “Jack the Ripper.” He had it checked out at a hospital, and while he can’t walk very much, it’s not a serious injury. He’s been doing the play and shooting Scent of a Woman at the same time.
  • Song Ji Hyo (last seen in Crime Squad) has joined the cast of Gyebaek as the female lead. She will play Eun Go, the woman between General Gyebaek (Lee Seo Jin) and King Euija (Jo Jae Hyun). When Euija becomes king, Eun Go ditches Gyebaek for Euija so that she can be queen. The drama also stars Cha In Pyo as Gyebaek’s father, Jo Sang Ki, and T-ARA’s Hyomin. 
  • Eugene and her soon-to-be-husband Ki Tae Young took wedding pictures recently, and they look so sweet! The two will marry on July 23 and then head to Europe for their honeymoon.

sources: asiae, nate, allkpop


2 thoughts on “News Bits: 7/18/11 Edition

  1. I’m glad Bae Doona got chosen….I mean this could so easily have been another actress with more popularity (*cough* idol company power *cough*) w/o half her this is great…I feel like she has been choosing pretty underwhelming projects in recent years..or at least projects that were not doing anything for her…and Ki Tae Young and Eugene look awesome..they’re getting married on the day Scent of a woman premiere’s which is a day off my B’day..hehehe

  2. Thanks for these news bits, Kaedejun.

    – Bae Doo Na: I agree with “D” above, because she is not the typical Korean beauty but her acting talent is undeniable and she will represent the country so well. That is if she is given enough room. I wonder what language(s) she will speaking for that movie.
    – Song Ji Hyo: actually she’s a regular on the Running Man show, as one half of the “Monday couple” with Leessang’s Gary. She is very popular amongst the male viewers, who probably remember her most from her R-rated scenes with Jo In Sung in Frozen flower.
    – Eugene and Ki Tae Young: oddly these pics look somehow pale in comparison to those you had previously shared from their presscon. Their closeness, care, tenderness, comfort around each other, basically their happiness was all over the place then whereas I get a “staged” vibe from the ones above – although I don’t question their love for each other at all.

    Last but not least. Since you had written a short article on Na Li’s at the tennis French open, being the first Asian to win at Roland Garros, will you do as well for Nadeshiko Japan? Because their journey was quite an epic and moving event.

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