I Need Romance: Episode 10

Some more repetition, and very little moving forward. However, we are at that fated “Episode 10,” where things should be picking up, changing course, and our OTP should be established. There are only 6 more episodes left after all. The thing is, who comprises of our OTP!? I love that this drama throws it up in the air, like Coffee House. But I don’t like mind games too much either. While in Coffee House the drama was gearing up for a Kang Ji HwanPark Si Yeon pairing, I’m hoping that I Need Romance will give me a Jo Yeo Jung – Choi Jin Hyuk pairing. I simply prefer that a girl be loved like she deserves to be, so I can’t believe that rascal Sung Soo no matter how much he pleads for forgiveness.

In Young tackles at her new relationship with vigor, going on plenty of dates with Sung Hyun and having fun, but she can’t bring herself to say that she’s in love with him. Not yet. Seo Yeon is very pragmatic about love – she doesn’t believe that they could feel their heart race anymore when they’re in love. Rather, she tells guys she loves them because they want to hear it. She’s honest that she enjoys dating a lot of men, and so her way of loving will be very different.

Her frank manner and approach is what makes In Young and Hyun Joo so jealous; Seo Yeon can do whatever she wants because she just doesn’t care about the consequences or the other side. In a way, I can’t wait for Seo Yeon to get a taste of her own medicine.

Seo Yeon goes to meet Joon Hee over the photographs he took at the beach. The ones he plans to use for his portfolio are those of just her body, not of her face. Seo Yeon is initially miffed, but when he tells her that it makes the photograph more interesting (because now you wonder, what was left out?), she becomes excited and looks over some photographs from other well-known photographers that have a similar framing.

Meanwhile back at home, Sung Hyun calls up In Young and plays an instrumental song for her. Instead of making her feel calm, In Young cries because it brings back memories of her with Sung Soo. They had gone to the countryside and watched a movie through a projector together. In Young was bored to death, but Sung Soo cried because he was so touched by the film. He loved the earnestness of the main male lead as he begged the female lead to marry him without the roses, the ring, or the candles. The instrumental song then played over the final scenes of the film.

In Young had then played with him, saying that she wanted him to act like the man and propose earnestly. Sung Soo followed her around the house, asking her to marry him, but In Young just ignored him. Eventually it got to a point where the border between fantasy and reality blurred, and Sung Soo actually got mad into thinking that In Young REALLY didn’t want to marry him. She then made him promise that he’ll never cheat on her, and he said “Of course that goes without saying!”

Then he cheated on her. Twice.

Sung Hyun immediately drives up to In Young’s house and invites her for a drive. He tells her to worry during the day, and feel happy at night, taking her to the riverside for some stress-busting by singing (badly) some rock songs. In Young cheers up instantly, and realizes that later on, she might associate this song with how Sung Hyun cheered her up.

At the hotel, she passes by Sung Soo’s set. He’s filming Kang Hee’s scene, and she keeps messing up her lines, much to his annoyance. That’s when she spots In Young, watching from afar, and gets even more flustered. She stomps off set and starts crying in her van. Sung Soo has no idea why she’s being like this until he sees In Young – and he ignores her!

In her office, In Young later texts Sung Soo – she wants to know what he’ll do with his stuff in her home. Since neither want to see each other or throw it out, they decide on meeting halfway between their homes to exchange it. Sung Soo then goes to see Kang Hee, and she’s absolutely mad about him pretending like he never liked her. She is willing to wait for him, for however long it takes for him to get over In Young.

Later that night, In Young realizes she can’t throw away everything – all of it has some memory associated with Sung Soo. So when she meets him halfway that night, she has nothing to give him. She may have to say goodbye to him, but she doesn’t want to hate the memories.

Sung Soo has nothing for her either. He had seen her on a date with Sung Hyun and saw how happy she was. He is hurting, but it’s not going to stop In Young from loving Sung Hyun – is it? In Young is angry that it takes an act of infidelity for him to appreciate her and doesn’t think that there’s a way they can fix this any longer. He tells her to just take her things when he’s not home.

After much thinking, In Young wonders if they could go back to way things used to be. She goes to his apartment for a talk, and requests that he stop working with Kang Hee. If he can do that, they can perhaps go back to the way things were. It’s a tempting offer for Sung Soo… except Kang Hee lets herself in at that moment.

Oh – they’re just watching a movie together. For work purposes.

That’s the final straw, and In Young leaves. She makes a call and asks to be with that person since she can’t be alone.

That person… is Seo Yeon and Hyun Joo! (I was disappointed it wasn’t Sung Hyun.) Their advice? Just go marry Sung Soo. When things go bad again, they can divorce – and give Hyun Joo some business! Because humans now have a longer lifespan, they can do more, date more, and have more men. Besides, at this point it’s difficult for any new man to accept her since she has had a 10-year relationship already.

But then, Hyun Joo gets a late night visitor. It’s Duk Soo. Apparently, Hyun Joo had purchased a very expensive watch and dropped it off at the ping pong center as a way of saying thanks for that night. Duk Soo is angry when he meets her outside her home; he actually liked her, and thought she liked him back. Is the watch compensation for sex?

Hyun Joo: If that’s what you’d like to believe, then fine.


Yes – Duk Soo SLAPS her. He then realizes he let his anger out of control and apologizes profusely. But Hyun Joo wants to end things. She says that she never liked him, but he doesn’t believe her. Hyun Joo tells him never to come around again, and turns back into the house.

Hyun Joo does feel bad though – is life just a cycle of giving and receiving pain? But Seo Yeon reasons it as thus: it’s better to love anyone than to not love at all. And even though she’s loving everyone she doesn’t feel empty – because she still has her two best friends.


The next day, In Young and Sung Hyun play tennis during their lunch break, and Sung Soo and Kang Hee join them. Egos rising up, they challenge each other to a game. Loser pays for the double-date dinner. After much jostling around, the teams are Sung Soo and Kang Hee, and Sung Hyun and In Young. Sung Hyun keeps messing up, which aggravates In Young. He doesn’t mind, because it’s just a game, and he even pinches her cheek, finding In Young cute.

Sung Soo is annoyed at this constant skinship and so he serves the tennis ball – and it flies right into Sung Hyun’s head, knocking him to the ground.

In Young immediately is all over him, afraid that he won’t wake up, while Sung Soo and Kang Hee watch worriedly. Suddenly, Sung Hyun grabs Sung Soo* In Young into a deep kiss, one that puts everyone else in an uncomfortable position. Sung Soo stalks off, with Kang Hee following.

Sung Hyun pulls In Young into a hug, declaring his affection for her. As for In Young? She’s shocked – but her heart is beating fast again. Is this love?

OK – what is up with heart racing and love?! I know that if a guy makes your heart race, you are probably in love, but let’s face it – that heart race may not last forever. That’s not the only thing that defines love, and yet this drama (and Greatest Love) put such credence to it. I sometimes wish In Young weren’t as idealistic as Hyun Joo. I like Seo Yeon’s pragmatism.

But speaking of pragmatism, though Seo Yeon’s logic makes sense, I think she’s going to pay dearly for it. It’s too hard-lined and polarizing in the world of dating. Men may not be the same as women, but they have feelings too, and it’s unfair to be so inconsiderate of what they feel or think.

As for Duk Soo and Hyun Joo… *sigh*…. First of all, I’m not happy with what Hyun Joo did. I think it was a little bit shameless and rude; she needs to realize that she can never be like Seo Yeon and I wish she’d stop trying. I also feel bad for Duk Soo because he got rejected in such a manner. On the other hand, I’m not happy with the slap. I think this particular slap was highly undeserving. I won’t call it abusive, or start analyzing that Duk Soo must have had an abusive childhood, because I think this slap was out of impulse. However, I think it was out of character, highly unnerving, and shocking. It was like… really?! I do appreciate that it wasn’t made out into some heroic gesture, or that Hyun Joo’s shunning him wasn’t played out too dramatically. It was simple – a slap, then an apology, then some vile words spit at each other.

I had been OK with the male slapping the female – but only if it was somewhat deserved and the viewers knew the psychological thinking of the person doing the slapping. However here, we don’t know Duk Soo well enough, and so I can’t condone his slap when I can’t understand where he’s coming from.


[EDIT]: *Sorry – this would be a TOTALLY different drama if that really happened.


10 thoughts on “I Need Romance: Episode 10

  1. Judging from the preview for episode 11, things are really going to start heating up next week. I can’t wait. ^_^

    As for the slap, I must admit I was a little take aback by it – it seemed so out of character – but upon further reflection, I think I do see where it’s coming from. If the genders had been reversed and Duk-soo had done the dumping for the stated reason, we would all be urging Hyun-joo to smack him for what he said. Duk-soo has been portrayed thus far as mostly easy-going and laid back, but hearing that someone just used you for sex and is now paying you off could make someone snap long enough to slap someone. And I don’t like the double standard of thinking it’s okay for girls to hit guys but not vice versa. Not that I’m supporting equal-opportunity beatings; no one should hit anyone, ever.

    Anyway, I’m so addicted to this drama, I’m a little surprised. At the beginning I never thought I’d be this into it, but now I can’t wait for Monday!

  2. I love this drama and the fact that the different outlooks on love/sex
    are akin to what’s happening in society. For a while I thought korean
    women were never going to be able to feel sexual in dramas and be
    so outspoken about their emotions. Taking Greatest Love as an
    example, it was hard to accept 30-somethings acting as if a kiss and
    wrist grab were all the contact there was to be had.

  3. “Suddenly, Sung Hyun grabs Sung Soo into a deep kiss”…. awkward turtle… you probs meant in young but i cracked up laughing anyway lol

  4. Hmm…why won’t DramaFever sub the previews? DANG THEM!

    Episode 11 looks to be a doozy with Seo Yeon knocking out the photographer…must be a twist coming

    The slap…man. If a man did that to a woman I’d be okay with her slap but when a man does it I’m left feeling…unsure?

  5. I actually love that she really called her best friends when she was sad. I wouldn’t have liked if she called Sung Hyun because then it would be like she’s using him even more and it breaks my heart already. Thank you so much for the recaps!

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