Goodbye Romance Town!

Here are the cast and crew’s group pictures celebrating the end of this quiet drama.

Don’t tell me the ending if you’ve seen it already. I will personally hex you.

Jung Gyu Woon – I’ll miss you! Actually I’ve been missing you, because you don’t come onscreen enough to satisfy my craving.

Jung Gyu Woon tweeted that he was especially happy to have met all these great actors and that everything about Romance Town was great.

Source: Soompi, Twitter


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Romance Town!

  1. arrrghhhhh it ended šŸ˜¦
    i haven’t seen the ending yet…i haven’t seen ep 18 either..cause i wanted to marathon the last 4 episodes….
    on the positive side… week is PARK Si HOO!!!!!!!!!
    will you do the recap for Princess Man, kaedejun?

  2. i’ve watched the ending (i cry so much in episode 19..and every GW scenes” were hot in episode 20)…and i’m so happy ! i really loved Romance Town..!
    Sung Yuri is a real beauty (she’s a capable actress) and with our Jung Gyu Woon …a glamourous couple!
    Special mention to Jung Gyu Woon in the last episode : HOT (think of me at the airport scene when GW coming back from USA *_*) !! and his V t-shirt! nosebleed!
    ^^ now i’m fan of slice of life drama …Common people can become extraordinary people in Kdrama land !
    So thanks a lot Kaede for your precious recap!

    Now, let’s hope for a another circle in 2011: JGW(Sign)/JGW (RoTo)/PSH (PM)/JGW(?)/JGW(?) …^ ^


    i NEED JGW to be in something again soon. and KMJ too!! those men need to be on my screen 24/7/365!! and i STILL probably wouldn’t get enough!!! šŸ˜›

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