Winter Sonata Stars to Make a Comeback

Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo were the two biggest stars of Hallyu, introducing Korean dramas to all over with their landmark classic drama Winter Sonata. They’re the top dog, even if they may not have as prolific a filmography as some other Korean actors we know.

Now, the two of them have made announcements for their new comeback dramas. Choi is going to star in MBC’s Can’t Lose, which will air after the end of Heartstrings. Choi plays a lawyer who is in the midst of getting divorced. Wow – this reminds me terribly of I Am Legend, except in that drama, Kim Jung Eun ditched her lawyer husband (and her past paralegal-type career) for a music career. That drama failed in balancing the music and the law aspects of the show, though it was quite an emotional drama somewhere during the latter half. Basically all that drama did for me was cement my admiration for Kim Seung Soo as the conflicted, controlling husband.

I have no idea whether this drama will be a romantic comedy or a melodrama. I feel like it’s going to try for both, but I’d rather if it stayed a romantic comedy through and through. It would be fun to see Choi try stretching some of her comedic chops, especially after her appearance in 2 Days 1 Night, where she showed a different side to her than her usual public persona. Easy to see why Lee Jin Wook would have fallen for her. (My favorite actresses in that special, though, are Lee Hye Young and Kim Ha Neul.)

There’s a lot of curiousity surrounding who will play her lawyer-husband, and the production team has announced that they will hire a Hallyu star. I wonder if it’s Song Seung Hoon (My Princess). Though he’s rumored to be in the drama Forget Me Not (a melodrama starring Su Ae of Athena), it’s possible he could ditch that still.

As for Bae Yong Joon, he last appeared in the drama Dream High, but it was only a cameo. He hasn’t headlined a drama since The Legend, and had taken some time off to treat a ruptured disc in his neck after he sustained a few injuries shooting that historical drama. He’s announced through his entertainment company KEYEAST that he is planning for a comeback early next year, and is currently looking at scripts.

Here’s a BETTER suggestion: how about they grab Bae Yong Joon to play Choi Ji Woo’s hubby!? I’d LOVE to see them bicker their way through court! It’s better than being all mopey-eyed and crying out, “Joon Sang-ahh~!” “Yu Jin-ahh~!”

Oh, memories.

sources: Asiae, Star News


3 thoughts on “Winter Sonata Stars to Make a Comeback

  1. It’s better than being all mopey-eyed and crying out, “Joon Sang-ahh~!” “Yu Jin-ahh~!”
    I second that. Oh how fun it would be to see Japan and the rest of the Winter Sonata fandom die from distress over their favorite couple’s fallout!
    on a completely different note..July 15th is 2 DAYS AWAY!!!!!

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