Scent of a Woman Reveals Trailer

Ooooh. Well first off, the trailer reminds me terribly of Last Holiday, where because of a terminal illness (diagnosed by the straight-faced Uhm Ki Joon), Kim Sun Ah takes control of her hapless, humdrum life, and gives herself a well-deserved makeover. She is a lowly employee who’s in love with Lee Dong Wook, her big boss, but he doesn’t even know she exists. Of course, when he encounters the beautiful, made-over her, he spends a day with her and (presumably) falls for her. OK in Last Holiday Queen Latifah didn’t exactly get together with Timothy Hutton, but he was her boss, and he didn’t recognize her either.

The picture above shows a face off between Kim Sun Ah and Seo Hyo Rim. Their first encounter isn’t exactly all that cheery, as Seo slaps Kim. The tension was palpable, according to the crew on set, but the two actresses were pros. They even did a couple of NGs over the slap, but Kim Sun Ah allowed Seo Hyo Rim to slap her suddenly to give the scene more realism. Wow. I knew Kim Sun Ah was devoted to her craft!

Despite the tone of the trailer though, I somehow feel a sense of foreboding and melodrama. Kim Sun Ah doesn’t exactly sound all that cheery as she narrates.

source: star news, feverwatch


5 thoughts on “Scent of a Woman Reveals Trailer

  1. It just hit me!!! The music at the very end of the trailer somehow sounded familiar. That’s the tune to which Kim Suna and Cha Seung Won danced for the beauty pageant in City Hall!
    To borrow the last words of on Choi Ji Woo’s drama comeback: Oh, memories. 🙂

  2. I loved her in City Hall! And immediately loved the Last Holiday premise of this drama…at long as she doesn’t die in the end? I think that there will be some tears but hopefully the tears at the end are of joy at a possible life extension!~~

  3. this remind me of the movie Last Holiday, in which Queen Latifah heard that she gonna die soon, then she spend all her lifetime saving money for a very fabulous trip to Europe ….

  4. It also reminds me of Nothing Sacred, and old movie starring Carole Lombard and Fredric March, only the heroine found out she wasn’t dying and pretended she was to go a fantastic trip to New York. love screwball comedies

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