I Need Romance: Episode 9

Whoaaaa! I don’t know why I enjoy this series so much. It gets to me in the right ways, and yet it makes me feel so uncomfortable too. It’s like watching your best friends spill all your secrets on the table for the world to know. Even Woman Who Still Wants to Marry or Dal Ja’s Spring never got that far. (Although Dal Ja’s Spring gets the added point of showing a friendship between guys and girls.) I don’t think Soulmate was quite the same either. They talk and analyze so frankly about their love lives that they feel like old friends, and at the same time they make me feel so embarrassed to be listening in to their conversations. Very much like Sex and the City, although with Sex and the City, I couldn’t relate because they were all so much richer. (I just realized, both series have the main female lead doing a lot of voiceovers. Gah.)

So In Young is all, “WHAT THE HECK!?” when she discovers that her new boss used to be her subordinate. She remembers all those times she abused him, ordered him around, even farted in front of him. Not wanting to date him anymore since he’s her boss, she avoids all his calls and avoids seeing him.

That can’t possibly last for long since they work at the same hotel, so he orders her to meet him in the hotel room which he stays at for breakfast. She launches into an explanation of why she can’t see him but then gets interrupted by real work. He doesn’t get to see her until after work, though she lies about being at home. Catching her walking home instead of being at home, she gets into his car – and Sung Soo sees it from across the street!

In Young explains to Sung Hyun that she never loved him, and was using him because she and Sung Soo fought. She no longer wants to make a fool out of him, but he’s willing to be made into a fool. He forces her to come drinking with him, and then tells her that if he drinks a shot he faints. If he drinks 2 shots, he dies. Weak sauce.

In Young gets a call from Sung Soo, to which she promptly answers and then tries to make Sung Soo jealous about not revealing her whereabouts. Sung Hyun knocks back two shots and immediately passes out on the bar. In Young can’t leave him there, and that’s when she realizes she can use Sung Hyun to make Sung Soo madly jealous.

She brings Sung Hyun home, where Sung Soo is waiting for her, and forces him to help her carry Sung Hyun to the bed. Sung Soo refuses to undress Sung Hyun so that he can be “more comfortable”, but he won’t let In Young do it either.

In Young stews happily in the kitchen, thinking that Sung Soo will never leave the house now because he wants to make sure they don’t do anything kinky. But whoops! Soon after, Sung Soo says he’s leaving. His move befuddles In Young, as it’s so contrary to his jealous rage before. She immediately calls upon her friends via chat.

Seo Yeon thinks that Sung Soo left because he gave In Young the opportunity to cheat on him, since she thinks all men are simple. Hyun Joo thinks something happened in the bedroom to convince Sung Soo to leave, and that In Young should go check, because she thinks all men are complicated. In Young checks the bedroom, but nothing seems awry.

What really happened was Sung Soo had started undressing the fella and then realized that Sung Hyun was more jacked than he was. Cue jealous rage. Then he spots a pillow that’s dressed with his T-shirt, and he realizes that no matter how awesome looking Sung Hyun is, In Young misses him more and so he’ll win out in the end. Cue exit from In Young’s house.

So Hyun Joo was right, though I’m more inclined to believe that Seo Yeon would be right in reality.

Hyun Joo gets a late night visitor as well – Duk Soo has come by to put up her shelf! She arranges some tequila drinks after he’s done, but he’s more interested in the World Ping Pong Championship on TV. What a nerd. Hyun Joo grabs his hand and teaches him how to drink tequila shots, thus grabbing his attention. Instead of letting him lick the salt off his hand though, she licks it herself and then drinks a shot! Somehow, despite how nervous she is, she manages to pull it off with grace.

She encourages Duk Soo to try, and then feeds him a slice of lemon after he has a shot, and then – next thing you know – he’s kissing her! HE’S KISSING HER! And the lemon slice in his mouth ends up in her mouth! So he wants it back, and he KISSES HER AGAIN!

*flushed with excitement*

He takes her to bed, and he unbuttons her shirt, but she stops him. He starts slipping his hand under her shirt, but she stops him. He glides his hand up her thigh and she stops him too. So… Hyun Joo is scared. Duk Soo realizes this, and so he tells her to close her eyes, and then guides her hands over his facial features. Now, she knows who he is. He asks if he can get to know her too, and she nods slowly. He kisses each of her facial features, and finally she relaxes. It’s not the “first time” that she had always dreamed of, but Hyun Joo was happy to feel so loved.

The next morning, In Young gives Sung Hyun some coffee and tells him that she doesn’t want to see him. On top of that, she’s someone who’s worked so hard as a hotelier for 8 years, but never got a promotion. Her shoes are worn from running to and fro, and yet Sung Hyun gets a managerial job after a year.

Sung Hyun takes her to a shoe shop. He’s buying her shoes as a way to thank her for all the work she’s done, and as a “future investment.” Plus, he’s doing it as her boyfriend. While In Young is a little taken aback, she opens her mind to the possibility of dating him. She had thought that love was about enduring the pain, but Sung Hyun is making her think that it’s possible to start a new love a little hesitantly, and it could grow into a greater one later.

As for Hyun Joo, she wakes up to what she thinks was an empty house, but Duk Soo arrives with food in hand. He gives her some sandwich for their brunch, and then even feeds the cat. Hyun Joo looks at him a little sadly; now that she’s seduced him and had her first night, she doesn’t plan on seeing him anymore. And yet… he’s so decent.


Seo Yeon is called away to meet Joon Hee for another photo shoot (raising her friends’ eyebrows at this new development). She sees him quite happily, dressed in sneakers (because her foot still hurts) and casual clothes (because she presumes, quite rightly, that he’ll make her do manual labor). They reach a small forest and carry a portable bed through some rocky terrain and a stream.

Seo Yeon loses her balance, and falls into the stream, becoming soaking wet. She even scrapes her wrist, and yet she remains unfazed. Joon Hee is worried about whether she’s ok or not, but Seo Yeon brushes off the pain. She’s tougher than she looks. Unable to continue with the shoot in her condition, they head back to the car.

Joon Hee points out that the person who always pretends to not suffer will die first because they let no one take care of them. Seo Yeon is all, “Who cares?” and points out that she enjoys being strong and secure. Joon Hee: “You’re admirable, but you’re still not my type.” That’s when she kisses Joon Hee on the cheek, which surprises him for a moment. Then he realizes that she’s just playing him, and flat out rejects her; he doesn’t like girls who toy with men’s feelings like that. He even drives away then stops, teasing her so that she can’t get back in the car. Suffice to say, Seo Yeon is pissed she got rejected.

In Young finds out that Sung Soo had visited her hotel a few days earlier because he wanted to shoot his next film there. As she meets him to take him up to his complimentary room, she tells him to back off. Sung Soo likewise tells her stop seeing Mr. Lightweight. In Young ends up telling Sung Soo that he’s pathetic in bed, and (I’m guessing) that he can’t keep an erection up for longer than 30 seconds. Yeah – explicit, but it’s obliquely referenced so that’s why I’m guessing. He tells her that he never got her pregnant though, and if she gets impregnated by Sung Hyun, their future reconciliation and marriage is off.

He never realized that she would be so money hungry, choosing Sung Hyun because he’s rich. He admits to being jealous, and that he feels really hurt.

In Young: “Good. You should hurt just as much as I was hurt.”

Sung Soo: “You know what I hope? I hope he’s lousy, and you’ll be hurt. So that you’ll come back to me.”

In Young: “Oh well. I’m afraid he’s too perfect for that to happen.”

Dun dun dun! OK ya’ll – move on now. Gimme more of Hyun Joo and Duk Soo, and Seo Yeon and Joon Hee STAT!

On another note, I’m really enjoying Kim Jeong Hoon here, because he’s playing so against his type. And clearly my favorite is Choi Song Hyun because her character reminds me so much of her character in Prosecutor Princess.


10 thoughts on “I Need Romance: Episode 9

  1. I also love this drama and find it addictive and refreshing.
    Thanks for the recap. BTW, I find In Young hilarious when
    she does her head fswings and pouts. It’s annoyingly amusing
    ’cause she resembles a 2 yr. old, and it cracks me up.

  2. Thanks again for the recap!! I find myself waiting impatiently for the next episode to come out every week!! So addicted to this drama. Really really REALLY hope In Young comes to her senses and falls for Sung Hyun ^_^

  3. I chanced upon this drama and got so hooked, I watched all the episodes in one sitting! I’m so glad I discovered your blog. Your recaps tide me over while waiting for subs. I too am in the minority wishing In Young and Sung Soo get back together because they are so adorable when they’re happy. But I don’t think it will happen until Sung Soo shows some sincerity that he is indeed sorry and that he really loves In Young. I hope he tries to woo her instead of being holding on to his pride. Thanks again for your hard work Kaede+Jun!

    • I’m with you on wanting In Young and Sung Soo together, cuz they are soo cute when they are together and happy.

  4. He was a manipulative jerk in Goong too and I’m getting really bored of her keeping him around but I’ve never been in a relationship so I can’t comment on her dead horse kicking. This drama is more moreish. xD

  5. Unfortunately, IY seems to make love with SH in ep 13 :(. If that’s true…poor Sung Soo. However, they are even . Hope that they get back 2gether soon.

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