I Need Romance: Episode 8

Um – I’m not sure what to make of this episode. In some ways it feels like a step backwards for In Young, but a step forward for Seo Yeon and Hyun Joo. In this episode, I was actually more interested about her friends than I was in In Young. That girl just can’t manage to cut her losses quickly and cleanly – they continue to haunt her in this episode.

If anything, I do feel a lot more sympathy for Kang Hee.

And so starts the new life of In Young. She continually goes on dates with Sung Hyun, eating out, watching movies, playing tennis. The problem is, she’s able to have a lot of fun because she’s not in love with him. She’s just comfortable around him.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Sung Hyun, as he’s always waiting for her texts or her calls, and continually misses her. He wonders why she doesn’t ask after him or is curious about him at all, to which she assures him she is – but we all know she’s not. He gets insanely jealous as well when In Young and Alex play tennis, and they laugh and joke around too comfortably. In Young actually is amused by Sung Hyun’s mini tantrums, as it reminds her of when she was younger and was constantly on Sung Soo’s back every time he ogled at a girl.

One evening, Sung Soo drives up to In Young’s house, takes out a hiking backpack, and leaves. That car stays at In Young’s place for over a week, and though In Young doesn’t let herself be bothered with it, Sung Hyun and Kang Hee are. For one thing, Sung Hyun is annoyed that In Young is so blatant about having an affair, and doesn’t seem to be concentrating on him. (So… he still thinks she’s with Sung Soo…)

A few days later, In Young notices Seo Yeon playing squash with Alex. Immediately, she rails against her friend for seducing and sleeping with her best guy buddy on the night of the house concert. While Seo Yeon is blase about the relationship, In Young is worried about Alex, since he tends to fall very hard for girls.

Kang Hee then visits In Young at the hotel. She’s worried about Sung Soo, as he’s been missing for about a week and missed several important meetings with the studio heads. She wonders if In Young knows anything about where he might be, but In Young is absolutely unforgiving. She refuses to tell Kang Hee anything, and lies about Sung Soo coming to her place every night, begging for her to take him back.

Nevertheless, Kang Hee’s worries make In Young worried as well, and so In Young goes to Sung Soo’s apartment. It’s an absolute mess. Suddenly, Kang Hee also arrives at the apartment; naturally, In Young hides. She watches as Kang Hee clean up some of the trash, and then call Sung Soo. She only gets voicemail though, and leaves a message apologizing for coming between him and In Young. She begs him to come back, not for personal reasons, but for professional ones.

The next day, Kang Hee waits outside In Young’s home, right by Sung Soo’s car. In Young spitefully tells her that Sung Soo slept over last night, and to add insult to the wound, she pretends to be washing Sung Soo’s dirty pajamas, and her lingerie. Of course, it bums Kang Hee out, but In Young doesn’t care. She’s not in a fairy tale where she’s the always-kind-hearted princess, nor is she in a melodrama. She’s in reality, and in reality, she’s going to be as hurtful as she can to the woman who stole her man.

That’s not to say In Young doesn’t have her own fears; she has nightmares of Sung Soo committing suicide. But Sung Soo is fine. He’s trekking across Seoul practically, and ends up in a small country home. There, he observes an old bickering couple who have utter lack of respect for each other due to the husband’s cheating ways many years before. The wife has not forgiven him, and warns Sung Soo not to cheat. The husband tells Sung Soo to just not get caught.

As for Seo Yeon, she goes on that twice-monthly photo shoot with Joon Yi. He playfully slips a bag on her outstretched arms so that she can help him carry some supplies, but Seo Yeon forces him to treat her with some respect, and ask her politely to carry the things. It’s so cute they fight so much.

Seo Yeon poses for him with her white sundress and various props, and eventually starts running so that Joon Yi can capture a series of shots. But as she runs, she steps on a shard of glass. She doesn’t say anything though, and starts limping. Joon Yi thinks she’s tired, but Seo Yeon’s got some pride left and refuses to stop shooting.

They stop by a pharmacy on the way home, and Joon Yi realizes that she hurt her foot. He helps her treat it, and she tells him that she still hates him. Heh.

As for Hyun Joo, she so desperately wants to sleep with Duk Soo that when he asks her out to dinner, she blurts out: “Do you want to sleep with me?!” They go to dinner instead (hehe!), where Hyun Joo observes his completely affable nature…and his “disgusting” table etiquette. He uses the napkin to clean his teeth and then wipe his nose. Nothing terrible, but for the prim and proper Hyun Joo, she finds it a complete turn off.

She tells In Young and Seo Yeon that she absolutely cannot sleep with a man like that, but Seo Yeon calls her out – Hyun Joo is just making up excuses so that she doesn’t have to sleep with him, right? Seo Yeon is totally right, and so Hyun Joo is forced to confront her own inner demons.

One evening, In Young gives up and finally calls Sung Soo – when is he going to take back his car? Suddenly, the doorbell rings – and it’s Sung Soo! He’s dirty and hungry, and asks that she cook something for him. During dinner, he offers a proposition: He’s cheated on her twice, yes, so in return In Young can cheat on him too. She can date Sung Hyun and another guy. Once she’s done, they’ll get married.


Sung Soo even goes so far as picking up In Young’s phone when Sung Hyun calls. Poor Sung Hyun hangs up before saying a word, and looks at the now-useless bouquet of flowers. In Young is so pissed off; she wants to know why he cheated on her, why he is doing all this with her, and why he thinks she’ll take him back. He replies that it’s because he’s a man, he misses her and always loved her, and he will never lose her again if she takes him back.

Yeah – don’t believe him darling. Move on. Please.

The next day, Sung Hyun calls up In Young again, but she’s too busy preparing for the new hotel director’s arrival. Um yeah, that’s actually what Sung Hyun wanted to talk to In Young about… In Young quickly hangs up and rushes to and fro, ending up in the elevator where all the directors and Sung Hyun are.

She greets each director politely, then pulls Sung Hyun aside – what is he doing here? She knows he misses her, but this is a little much. Oh darling, not everything is about you.

It’s presentation time, and In Young stares at the podium where Sung Hyun is giving a speech – as the new director. She slaps herself, but it’s not a dream. She pinches herself really hard – so hard that she screams and everyone stares at her.

It’s still not a dream, because Sung Hyun is staring at her from the podium on the stage.


6 thoughts on “I Need Romance: Episode 8

  1. LOL…I don’t know what’s going on with In Young…she really cannot break away. 10 years is a long time but on the same note she looks at Kang Hee and feels she loves Sung Soo more. Looking at the character descriptions all the relationships should resolve soon if Sung Hyun is going to turn into the prickly demanding boss and Sung Soo is going to be the friendly ex.

  2. I don’t know if it’s insecurity or immaturity, or if love really does make you deaf dumb and blind, but In Young really needs to wise up about Sung Soo! haha

    I’m enjoying the drama though. I couldnt wait for subs so I thought I’d stop by for your recap! Thanks and I look forward to the next ep!

  3. kae i hope you’re covering episode 9 soon! suddenly plot sounds good i’m now wondering “oh man what’s gonna happen next?” :O

  4. One of the few times I wished I spoke Korean so I don’t need to wait for subs! There are very few dramas out there that makes me wish I can understand them faster. I know its an unpopular feeling but I hope In Young take back Sung Soo. Ten years is a lot of years to just through away, I think he really realizes that this mistake really cost him this time.

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