News Bits: 7/7/11 Edition

Cha Seung Won recently won two awards in Mnet’s 20’s Choice Awards. Hosted by Suzy and Song Joong Ki, the awards show gave ukelele trophies to stars chosen by the fans in many categories. For Cha, he won both Hot Drama Actor and Hot Male Body (with a 6-pack). No doubt this is because of his burst of fame from Greatest Love. His costar Gong Hyo Jin also won Hot Drama Actress and Hot Style Icon.

Other winners included KARA (Hot Hallyu Star), Suzy (Hot New Star), B2ST (Hot Performance Star), Honey Lee (Hot Female Body), Yoo Ah In (Hot 20’s Voice), and Goo Hara (Hot Campus Girl). The full list can be seen here.

  • Yoon Eun Hye tweets again! From Taiwan to Hawaii, the Lie To Me actress uploaded photos of herself in the tropical state. She makes summer look so refreshing. Me? I make summer look sweaty. Bleh.

  • Singer/actress Younha recently got into a car accident at around 3pm, when her car took a fender bender with a taxi. The pouring rain caused the accident, but she was lucky to not be more injured than the dizziness she suffered.
  • With You’re Beautiful the Japanese remake set to air on July 15, the Hong Sisters went over to Tokyo for a press conference. They’ve always been asked about sequels to You’re Beautiful, to which they had replied that they wouldn’t be doing one. This time though, they gave a tease: “It’ll be hard to write it right away since we’re working on a lot of other projects” – which means, new frenzy drama, folks! – “but we’ll consider it seriously if the Japanese version of You’re Beautiful becomes a success.” Wow – what a way to put intense pressure on the Japanese, as I’m sure there are plenty of fans clamoring for a sequel. I wouldn’t put too much hope on it. Then again – I’m kinda treating Heartstrings as my sequel. Speaking of which…
  • I just saw Heartstrings episode 3 and WHAAAAAAAA – boy am I happy to have a smart and sassy female lead in Park Shin Hye. Here’s hoping she stays smart and sassy.
  • The next drama airing soon is Spy Myung Wol, and it looks to be amazing. However, Eric stated during the press conference that he feels immense pressure about playing a Hallyu star, even though he is one himself. He felt pressure in trying to act himself, as well as a solo singer, which his character Kang Woo is. He had always contemplated being a solo singer, breaking from his group Shinhwa. On top of delivering on the character, he’s got the reputation of Dokko Jin to live up to – or outshine. I’d rather Eric just do his own thing, because there’s no way anyone can top the absurdity of Dokko Jin. I also wouldn’t want anyone to top it.
  • It’s been confirmed that Su Ae will be in the drama Forget Me Not, instead of Nam Sang Mi. Her character is a woman who slowly loses her memory, and the main male lead (purported to be Song Seung Hoon) will be the guy who remains by her side. The premise is now far more melodramatic than before. All I knew then was that the male lead was a single father, and it looks like his son just might be Yang Han Yeol, who played the nephew in Greatest Love.
  • OK – mini Harry Potter spazz. Have you checked out these photos from the red carpet?! Emma Watson is stunning; Daniel Radcliffe looking sharp, if only a bit disheveled; J.K. Rowling is matronly; Bonnie Wright looks much older than her age (and the gal’s engaged too); Tom Felton looks like a younger Daniel Craig (good for Draco!); Alan Rickman makes my heart melt; Oliver and James Phelps look WAY cuter with their natural brown hair color; David Thewlis (Lupin) looks too bookish for a premiere, while Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley) looks absolutely unkempt; Evanna Lynch is cute and bright – had she been in the States she’d be lumped together with someone like Taylor Momsen, except she’s way fresher-looking; and Matthew Lewis – oh my God you are HOT! Chubby, geeky Neville is NO MORE!

source: allkpop, star news, asiae, dramabeans, yahoo


One thought on “News Bits: 7/7/11 Edition

  1. What ! Jung Gyu Woon got nothing ???? even the Hot male body ???? ^_^’

    the Jdrama casting seems very young…

    hope for a great chemistry between Eric and Han Ye Seul

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