I Need Romance: Episode 7

Some progress, some steps backwards for In Young. As for her two besties? Let the romance brew!

All in all, it looks like In Young has moved on. She’s actively living out her life and not really missing Sung Soo all that much. The problem is, she’s purposely cramming her days so that she doesn’t think about him, and she can’t fall asleep at night. It bothers her so much that she starts calling Sung Soo up every night, making sure he doesn’t fall asleep either (because he should be up all night wracked in guilt). She calls, then tells him to not pick up her calls, but then buys a new phone and calls him again (thus tricking him to pick up again), and then finally goes to his house to wake him up.

Sung Soo is understanding enough that he knows she’s really missing him, but she doesn’t want to sleep by his side for one minute. He eventually takes her home, where she finally falls asleep, and the next morning, cooks her breakfast.

He tells her that he won’t be around tomorrow night – as he has an out-of-town meeting – but she swears she won’t visit him anymore anyways.


She’s back – and scratching up his car in the garage. She starts scratching up Kang Hee’s too, but Kang Hee shows up. Surprisingly, Kang Hee is very mature – she calls In Young childish for not confronting her directly, and says that she really, truly likes Sung Soo. She felt humiliated when he left her at the Pension house, and she had her “moments” of doubt, blissful feelings of love, and worries. But she knows that she will be in Sung Soo’s future. With that, In Young realizes that she may not be the only one who truly loves Sung Soo.

Seo Yeon helps Hyun Joo figure out which man she should sleep with, but everyone on her list is either a prosecutor, married, a lawyer, or a judge. Seo Yeon tells her not to get anyone too close to her workplace, as she has to see them every day. And no one night stands with guys at a bar – she could get AIDS.

That evening, Hyun Joo gets an unexpected visitor – Duk Soo! He’s come to deliver their wedding photos, as it went to his home, and helps her hang it up in the bedroom. Hyun Joo offers to pay for his help, but he tells her he no longer does that sort of thing. Rather, they are just friends now, and he’ll help her anytime she needs it. After he leaves, Hyun Joo realizes – he’s a tall, sexy, not-of-her-profession, single man! Off to the ping pong club she goes!

Hyun Joo is really bad at ping pong though, and it doesn’t help that she’s more interested in him than in the game. He comes by to hold her from the back, and the proximity sends Hyun Joo into a titillating frenzy. Unfortunately, she is turned off by him when she realizes he doesn’t read the same books, or knows the same things that she does. How could they talk if they have nothing in common?! (Seo Yeon: “Men aren’t for the talking!!!!”)

In Young spills to her best friend Alex (Ricky Kim) that she has a hard time letting go of Sung Soo because she still feels like they could get back together again. Alex tells her to just cry – it’s what she needs – and cry she does. He then tells her that she should distract herself with a bigger problem – like shaving off her eyebrow (!!!!) but In Young has a better (less physically marring) idea. She’ll host a house concert!

As soon as she sends the invite to all her friends, she starts worrying about improving her guitar skills to sing a decent song. She practices night and day – with Alex’s help – and eventually forgets about Sung Soo.

Sung Hyun visits her one afternoon and hears her practicing from outside her home. He flirts via text, telling her that she’s playing the song all wrong, and gets her to come out. Suddenly another car drives up – it’s Sung Soo. He doesn’t get out of his car and merely watches through the rearview mirror. In Young quickly acts like she’s all enthralled with Sung Hyun, and he catches on that she’s using him for her love quarrels. She begs him to kiss her on the cheek, but Sung Hyun pecks her on the mouth instead.

Sung Soo grimaces in his car.

Sung Hyun leaves a bagged lunch for In Young and then leaves. Sung Soo then gets out of his car and starts telling In Young not to meet any other guys, or date some other guy. What the hell is this double standard? In Young says she’s already kissed other guys and if he’s going to play around, then she will too. Nothing he can do about it – bleargh*

Sung Hyun actually stops driving at one point and looks like he’s about to turn back, but decides against it.

Seo Yeon goes to see her photographer Joon Yi, and tries to get him back. They’re professionals, so personal life issues should not be part of the negotiation. He tells her that he doesn’t like her as a person, but if she 1) starts talking to him with respect, instead of banmal since he’s older; 2) lets him work only 2 days a week at same pay (but he’ll be fully devoted and won’t skip out early); and 3) changes her perfume (because her current one gives him a headache), then he’ll be her photographer again. He also wants her to be his model twice a month, and will pay her as well, although he can’t pay her much because he’s still a poor artist. With a fake smile, Seo Yeon agrees.


Day of the house concert. Hyun Joo brings Duk Soo over, and a bunch of friends gather around to see In Young sing a duet with Alex. Sung Soo arrives as well, but he watches from outside the window. As she sings, In Young remembers the day he spent four of his paychecks to buy her a guitar. He thought that girls playing guitars were hot, and wanted his girlfriend to learn it too. In Young sings somewhat sadly as she looks at him, but it’s her way of letting him go – with a song.

She goes on a date with Sung Hyun, and they go watch a breakdancing performance. It’s good fun, and Sung Hyun tries twice to hold her hand and cheer after the dancers. They even get invited onstage to dance, and Sung Hyun does so awkwardly, but it’s cute. As for In Young, she’s just too shy to dance.

Sung Hyun liked the performance because In Young liked it so much, and so In Young asks, “Do you really want to go out with me? Can you do what I want?” Sung Hyun: “I can’t promise anything, but I’ll do my best.”

In Young: “Romance. I need romance.”


So I am HOPING that Sung Hyun and In Young will get to go on another date in the next episode, although I’m sure it’ll be marred by Sung Soo’s constant presence. As for Duk Soo, I hope he’s interested in Hyun Joo as well. I really want Hyun Joo to get her happy ending with this guy!

Seo Yeon and Joon Yi? I think they’re going to be a smooth sailing, bickering couple.


5 thoughts on “I Need Romance: Episode 7

  1. I can’t wait for episode 8! Please let Sung Hyun be with In Young! And I can’t wait to see what happens with Hyun Joo and Seo Yeon.

  2. I’m a total sucker for bickering couples. I can’t wait for Seo-yeon to get together with her photographer, because I think some yummy sparks are going to fly. ^_^ And I hope In-young gives Sung-hyun a good shot, because I really want to see her leave that loser Sung-soo in her dust. Bah. I hate when guys are all, “You can’t see anyone else! Even though I did, you can’t!” SUCH a double standard. Hate the hypocrisy.

  3. The title drop at the end was hilarious to me for some reason. Episode 8 looks to be good…I can’t wait to get home from work. I wonder if IY is going to hold to her thoughts of looking at SS as a friend and as if they never loved.

  4. awwww man do i need to start watching this now? i’m kinda rooting for Sung Soo but that’s cos I’m reading the recaps and although he sounds kind of a jackass, he always seem to genuinely do love her and there might be hope for a second chance…

    too many dramas as it is right now to get on this train too 😦

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