Spy Myung Wol Press Conference

Spy Myung Wol held their press conference today in anticipation of their premiere next week. The cast were asked a gamut of questions, most notably Han Ye Seul about her car accident, Eric Mun about Poseidon, and Lee Jin Wook about his breakup with Choi Ji Woo.

Han was proven innocent for that hit-and-run accident and she said that though her pride was hurt she can’t do much in sitting around worrying about it. Eric Mun said that Poseidon was difficult in that it kept getting delayed, but he has no regrets over the project. As for Lee? He just refused to answer the question about the breakup. Good thinking – as a press conference for a drama is no place to be airing out personal dirty laundry.

And lest we forget – Jang Hee Jin was also present!

By the way – I am in love with Han Ye Seul’s dress. Even the zipper on the side – it gives the otherwise simple dress some edge. Her shoes? Not so much. Jang Hee Jin’s heels are quite high though, and a headline even noted that she should be careful not to trip!

Lee Jin Wook is so hilariously bad-ass. It’s like he’s in character, being the straight laced North Korean agent. He’s always protecting Jang Hee Jin too – which makes me wonder if the two will become a couple in the drama. I’m all for it, unless Jang Hee Jin’s character is an uber-annoying third wheel.

Ah, a boyish smile. Much better Lee Jin Wook!

source: star news, newsen


One thought on “Spy Myung Wol Press Conference

  1. Thanx for the pics, Kaedejun. 🙂

    Has the stylist be fired yet because whether it be Eric’s dreadful jacket, Han Ye Seul having to pull her dress up with her hand or both ladies up high on their shoes, it’s a no-no. Maybe the actresses wanted to match their partners’ (potential) hidden foot pad(s)?

    Lee Jin Wook’s hawter than expected, but please, writer-nim, no second-lead syndrome!

    Anyhow this drama seems fun but I’ll wait for your recaps instead of watching – it’s WAYYYY more entertaining and fun. ^^

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