Jung Gyu Woon and Park Shi Hoo Play Around

Not together though! Although – I wouldn’t mind seeing them in one photo together….

WAIT I TAKE THAT BACK! If that photo should ever happen, I would just go into cardiac arrest. I don’t want to die before I get to see them in the flesh!

Jung Gyu Woon‘s tweet is about Soon Geum, and he fittingly appears in the photo with Sung Yuri. He says, “A dream, maybe?”

Park Shi Hoo on the other hand…


He’s clearly having a ball of a time, saying, “Come to me, hahahaha~ everyone party time(?)!!”

Dude – go back home to Ma Hye Ri!

source: twitter



8 thoughts on “Jung Gyu Woon and Park Shi Hoo Play Around

  1. argghhhh!!!! it’s damn winter morning freaking under 3 degree Celcius and I’m beginning to sweat!!!

    hands off ladies *Wroarrrrr*

  2. Mmm.. Park Si Hoo. I second that, you belong to Ma Hye Ri!

    P.S. His jacket isn’t torn. They usually clip the back of garments for fitting purposes if it’s for photoshoots and such. XD

  3. Hi,
    Oky! begin their lender love story 2011
    Really is best Kdrama.I was telling a all my friends that beging love! we wanted to see Park Shi Hoo and beautiful girl Moon Chae won.She is very Polite and Personable like Kim Nam joo.In my eyes,we like both of them.
    Mr.Park ShiHoo Please next Series “one nice love drama” with Moon Chae Won,Thanks so much.
    Thanks all Person, Director & Actors … of this “The Princess,Man”nice and Painful Kdrama.
    ali of America

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