Birdie Buddy Gets Air Date

No – for realz this time. Birdie Buddy is getting an air date of August 8 on tvN. The photo above totally encapsulates how I feel – Yay!

It will be a 24-episode series at 45 minutes each, rather than 20-episodes at 70 minutes each. I’m fine with that sort of extension, because it’s not really the story being rewritten or extra subplots being tacked on. It’s just a time issue, and hence it’s longer.

The drama will be also a simulcast on DramaFever, so it’ll be like Heartstrings and I Need Romance.

Check out the blog on DramaFever for some exclusive photos!

sources: Feverwatch, Newsen


3 thoughts on “Birdie Buddy Gets Air Date

  1. It better be good! with so much legal issues involved. Hopefully UEE’s acting is good enough to proves that she’s a good actress.

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