News Bits: 7/4/11 Edition

Happy July 4th! Hope you’re all having fun with barbecues or watching the fireworks!

Yoon Eun Hye went down to Taiwan for a photo shoot – looks like to promote a new cellphone – and tweeted some photos of her fellow model Ethan Ruan! The two of them brought out the charms with their V-signs and making faces.

Man, they just look so good together…

  • Jo Yeo Jung can sing! She recorded a duet with her costar Kim Jeong Hoon for the I Need Romance OST. It’s quite catchy and upbeat, and below is the link to the Youtube video. It’s funny that the title of the song is “Aegyo” or “Charming.” I like hearing Kim Jeong Hoon sing. I don’t like him as Sung Soo. This song does not redeem him in my eyes.
  •  After School is making their comeback – by splitting up into two groups. They will promote themselves as “Red” or “Blue,” with the “Red” team representing the powerful, sexy side of the group, and the “Blue” team reflecting the cheerful happiness of the summer season. They will compete against each other by releasing separate albums and having separate activities. Um. OK? I don’t know how this is supposed to work out, but I’m sure for Pledis, they see this as an opportunity to double their earnings from one group.
  • Song Seung Hoon and Nam Sang Mi might be cast in a new drama together. Titled Forget Me Not, the drama is about a man who raises his child alone after his wife passes away. Iiiiiiinteresting – so is Song a single father!? While it might be a melodrama, hopefully it’ll also be a rom-com, where Nam Sang Mi’s character rekindles his heart. If it’s a rom-com, then Song might be able to recreate his acting magic from My Princess. It’s not confirmed yet whether they’re going to be in the film, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire…
  • Kim Joon (from the group T-Max and from Boys Over Flowers), 27, will enter the military later this year. His group was going to debut in Japan in late June, and were going to participate in a UN-hosted event. However, they had to cancel their upcoming activities in Japan due to Kim’s impending absence.
  • And Spy Myung Wol posters!

source: star news, twitter, dramabeans, asiae, soompi


2 thoughts on “News Bits: 7/4/11 Edition

  1. three words: I LOVE ERICCCC.

    poster looks GREAT, officially can’t wait for Spy Myung-wol!

    (p/s: Kae, sorry for the many comments the past few days haha, starting to be a regular on your blog now 🙂 …also, happy (belated) 4th of July!)

  2. now i want to see again taiwanese drama ! my last with Mike He, summer’s desire (greatttt) and automn concerto was very delightful !

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