An Interview With Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won is certainly getting his second wave of super popularity with his recent spate of dramas, from City Hall to Athena to Greatest Love. The actor and former model has been in the industry for 22 years, which is a shockingly long time, but has made his mark as an iconic character through Dokko Jin.

Cha believes that a good script is the first step in choosing in his roles, and in determining the popularity of the drama. He is thankful that Greatest Love’s popularity has allowed City Hall to get its second-renaissance in popularity, but he attributes to City Hall’s great script as well. If it weren’t a good story to begin with, it wouldn’t be popular.

He admits that when reading his character Dokko Jin in the beginning, he realized that his character could have easily become a stereotypical arrogant man who thinks he’s so amazing. He worked hard to portray another kind of man. He wants to show a man’s cuteness when he’s not exactly 100% romantic, but “[does] something a lot for the woman because he loves her, but him usually not being able to do something for her but that heart of his getting delivered to her more because he did it when she’s having a hard time.” In regards to his style of comedic acting: “The humor I do isn’t ordinary. It’s quite affected and technical. And it’s a style that could be repulsive but it worked well with Dokgo Jin’s character.”

Cha noted that the script showed a lot about the entertainment industry, and the problems that stars encounter were realistically depicted on the script. One such encounter was when Dokko Jin sues random people for hurtful comments – all those people who end up being students, professors, and housewives. They’re reason for such comments? “Just because.” Cha has gone through it a lot, and he’s disappointed in those people. He also blames reporters for twisting words and influencing others’ thoughts. When he was asked about T.O.P.‘s acting in “71-Into the Fire,” Cha knew that T.O.P. wasn’t the best actor – he was inexperienced at that time. He told the reporter that T.O.P. worked really hard as an actor – and his words got twisted to “Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P.) is bad at acting.”

When asked what he would protect the most to the very end, he replied:

“What I want to protect till the very end is my family. But not just my family but my family including myself. Because to protect them, I have to be there for them. I want to protect my family and be their fence. Being in entertainment, there are many elements that try to step into the boundaries of our lives. So I need to protect them from those. I’ve said this before but I’m a very aggressive person. And I will stay this way. I don’t care if that doesn’t make me a nice guy when I need to make a decision to protect my family.”

He’s an awesome actor and family man.

source: asiae


14 thoughts on “An Interview With Cha Seung Won

  1. kae, do you know if he’s married in real life? just curious haha. i love this dude, and agree that good script is what makes a good drama (..still bitter about Lie To Me’s awesome casting but weak writing O_O)

    • yep – he’s married with two kids. one son and one daughter – i think the son is in his teens and his daughter is still under 10 (or maybe she is older since i last checked). been married to wife for about 20 years now.

      friggin jealous of the wife. 😛

      • so did not see that coming (okay, maybe I did but woah I didn’t expect him to be a dad too haha). he’s too hot to be 40!! the wife totally is one lucky lady 😛

      • wow!!!!!!! 20 years ..OMG cha seung won is simply amazing !!!!!made me jealous :p ….. i love him so mUch !!!!

      • isn’t he like 40 now? doesn’t that mean he married at 19 or 20? woah woah woah i’m impressed haha. but thanks for this info! :p

    • You’re welcome. 🙂
      Yes CSW does look very young and I believe that the Dokko Jin character is similar to his real persona, besides the overgoofy side, wanting to protect his family above all. He is to be commended as he and his wife have overall managed to achieve this goal. Not that easy in the entertainment industry.

  2. I think CSW is also lucky since he doesn’t really come off as a man easy to live with. He readily admits being aggressive and it wouldn’t have been easy to be the wife of a model/actor.

    But every rose has its thorn and I applaud him to stay love scandal free. Being a good husband and dad is way more sexy to me than being a bad boy.

    Apart from his real life character I think CSW is a great actor. He has great comic timing. Korean actors in general are really good but very few have the chops to be equally good in drama, action and comedy while looking this hot. He obviously works hard and it shows on screen. Thank you CSW for working hard and making life more entertaining for us.

    Now for the hotness apart from the shaved eyebrows he obviously has plastic surgery and I approve. He looks a lot better now than when he was young.

  3. I had no idea he has been married so long. Wow. I like him even more as a person-especially with him talking about being willing to be labeled as “not nice”/ and being aggressive protective of his family … Kudos for being a good father, husband, and keeping it all in balance with his work.

  4. waaaaa cha seung won!! while reading this article and your comments guys.. it made me admire him more!!!! i really love u ajusshi!!!! keep it up 🙂

  5. i simply love, adore, admire CSW!!! –for all he is –amazingly talented and versatile as an actor, a very loving and responsible family man, and super handsome and gorgeous, with a very likable and charming personality! 🙂 He is my forever favorite!!!!

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