The Princess’ Man Teaser Trailer

Whoa. Not what I was expecting.

First off, the teaser sounds super melodramatic, and it gets juxtaposed with Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won‘s eerily smiling faces. There’s also weird images of two hands touching at the fingers, which reminds me more of Michelangelo’s painting on the Sistine Chapel than two lovers being separated. Then we get a dramatic shot of Moon falling off the roof of a house, interspersed with non-too-dramatic shots of Lee Soon Jae and Kim Young Chul, and then finally a dramatic hug on the rooftop of a house between Park and Moon. The last shot is the only thing that gives any nod to its Romeo and Juliet storyline.

The subtitles are as follows. It looks to be narrated partly from Moon Chae Won’s character, Se Ryung’s point of view.

General Suyang’s Daughter: Se Ryung

Kim Jong Seo’s Son, Seung Yoo

Joseon’s Romeo and Juliet – “We have love”

(A shot of Kim Young Chul) “My father, General Suyang”

“His father, Kim Jong Seo, is killed.”

“Entangled in a bloody romance”

As the story goes, Suyang is power hungry and wants to be king. He plans to kill Jong Seo, who is his mortal enemy in his path to get the crown. Unfortunately his daughter falls in love with Jong Seo’s son.

All I can say is Park Shi Hoo’s trademark smile got me, while Moon Chae Won doesn’t seem too interesting in the trailers so far. We also get a glimpse of a sword fighting scene and a fierce looking Song Jong Ho (Will It Snow for Christmas), who becomes a rival of Park Shi Hoo’s.

source: Youtube


2 thoughts on “The Princess’ Man Teaser Trailer

  1. Wow.. I thought Su Ryeong fall from the bridge. Top of the roof? Cool.. I bet someone will afe her from falling down. A lot of tears.. Hmm.. I think some site (Hancinema, I think) mentioned that this drama has a comedy side. I don’t see it on the first trailer. Probably the comedy pop up on the second.
    Thank you for the translation.. 🙂

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