I Need Romance: Episode 6


Note the caps lock? That means you’ve got one very happy viewer right here. This episode was perfect in comedy and delivered in the melo.

By the way – the Korean stickers above: “Male Erectile Dysfunction. Groin Rash.”

In Young is deeply perplexed about her man’s changing kissing habits. She decides to check his phone and finds it locked. (Alarm #1.) She tries various combinations but then finally gets it open – out of sheer dumb luck – and then checks his message history. There were a bunch from Kang Hee – but they’ve all been deleted. (Alarm #2.) She then sees a confirmation at the La Defense Pension, which is sort of like villa rentals, and is very expensive. In Young wasn’t told about this trip by the way (Alarm #3) but she gets really excited, thinking that Sung Soo is going to surprise her.

The date is for the 29th, and that excites her because that was the day she and Sung Soo first slept together. She would never forget that day, and assumed Sung Soo wouldn’t either. (Um – that’s the thing – guys aren’t hardwired to remember that… no really…)

The next day while In Young is training her new employee, she spots Sung Hyun making his way around the hotel. She quickly hides, which is totally irrational and makes no sense. Finally curiosity gets the better of her and she drags him outside for a talk near the dumpsters. He’s quit already, so what’s he doing around here? Sung Hyun doesn’t say why exactly, but he does affirm that he’s finished his business in the bathroom. In Young tells him to stop coming just for her, and he assures her it’s not because of her. But – seeing her has brightened up his day.

Meanwhile, Seo Yeon lies that she’s the wife’s younger sister, and signs a consent form for a C-section. She sees the baby boy born in the surgery room, and crying in the nursery. Her heart melts, and she makes a vow right there and then to give up her lascivious ways. A woman’s body is not to be thrown around for sex, but is a vessel for life. Yeah – she gets her Holy Spirit on.

The wife is annoyed at her presence, but she keeps cooing over the baby and even names him Kevin, that the wife can’t help but smile.

Unfortunately, happiness is short lived. When Seo Yeon comes back after a grocery run, she finds the room empty. The husband has picked up the wife and baby already, and Seo Yeon wonders if this will be the last time she’ll ever see Kevin. The wife honestly says that in another life they could have been great friends. But right now the memories are tainted with the affair, and she doesn’t want to get in another love triangle between Seo Yeon and the baby.

Though Seo Yeon declares her celibacy to her friends, that too is short lived – it lasts until she sees a hot dress at a mall and goes back to being a vixen.

Funnily enough, Hyun Joo has made the opposite vow – she now wants to live her life as a vixen because her fiance dissed her about not being sexy enough. The three of them shop at a mall for a new outfit for her, and then head over to fiance’s workplace. On the way, they make a pit stop at the ping pong club (where Duk Soo is!) so that Hyun Joo can go pee. She sees a bunch of stickers about male erection problems, and asks Duk Soo for a whole pile of them.

Off to the office they go! While Hyun Joo has a “talk” with fiance, Seo Yeon and In Young slap those stickers around his desk. Now all his coworkers think he has an erection problem – WHEE!

That evening, In Young calls up Sung Soo to let him know that she’s taken the next few days off. However, he’s in the middle of a meeting (and a cutaway proves that he REALLY IS in a meeting), and he promises to call back. He never does, and that weighs heavily on In Young’s mind.

She finally looks up the address to the Pension and taxis over there. Sneaking into the patio area, she sees Sung Soo and Kang Hee, sitting and drinking, being all lovey dovey.

In Young is so angered she doesn’t know what to do. Her eyes well up, and she decides she can’t just leave quietly. She throws a small pebble at them, smashing a glass, alerting their attention.

In Young and Sung Soo stare at each other intensely, and thank God In Young turns away to leave first. Sung Soo chases after her, and Kang Hee is put out. HA bitch.

In Young struggles to get free from his grasp, but he insists on driving her home. They sit in silence, and when they get home, In Young stomps past her gate, sits on the step, and cries. Sung Soo can hear her through his car window, parked by her driveway.


Now In Young – go to Sung Hyun. You’re totally justified now since you are now single, and he is head over heels in love with you. Plus, he’s richer.


10 thoughts on “I Need Romance: Episode 6

  1. i’m just following this show through your mini-recap/review (and lovin’ it :)) and man oh man does its beginning to sound like it’s getting good!

  2. See I would think this is good and she can go to Sung Hyun free and clear when she workes out a few anger issues…EXCEPT SUNG SOO LOOKS LIKE HE’S NOW A STALKER IN THE PREVIEWS!

    Cheating is totally not worth it…when he followed her out and then forced her into the car I would have kicked him

  3. HALLELUJAH! I seriously hope Sung-soo is not the endgame for this drama – I really hope that she finds the courage to let him go (or kick him out of her life, more accurately) and go with Sung-hyun. And not because he’s a rich hotel owner’s son, but because he genuinely cares for her. I do believe that at one point Sung-soo did love In-young, and I actually do believe that he loves her now, but what he’s doing is pretty darn inexcusable. If the drama’s going to end up putting him back with In-young, he better do a lot of groveling, growing, and coming to new awarenesses, first of which is that you stay the heck away from bratty, clingy young things and trust your girlfriend when she says she’s uncomfortable with the “other girl” being around.

    Oh, and I can’t wait for Hyun-joo to get together with Duk-soo for serious. And I’m crossing my fingers that Seo-yeon and her photographer are going to have a thing, because I love the bickering-couple-falls-in-love trope. Gets me every time.

  4. Thank so much for the mini-recap!! I can now enjoy the weekend ^_^ lol. Been trying to find episode 6 online and haven’t had any luck, coz Viki.net won’t let us europeans watch anymore dramas on that site unless it’s in the US! Boo!! 😦
    I really do hope In Young stops hankering over Sun Soo! He’s soooo NOT worth it (the idiot ^&%£). I mean he cheated on her twice now! grrrr. I hope she falls madly for Sung Hyun!! He’s so much nicer looking with a sexy voice to boot!! hehe (In Young, wake up girl!!). I can’t wait for Hyun Joo & Duk Soo to hook up too ^_^ . Really enjoyed watching this show.

  5. Just caught up with this show in the wee hours of this morning.
    Why are people saying this is any more predictable than any other romcom?
    I like the friendships, and really hope she doesn’t end up with Yul. I like Younger Guy for her.
    I wish the actress who plays In Young would tone down the chirpy, though, it gets on my nerves.

    OK, does anyone else think that the Rent-A-Dude looks like Eric McCormack from Will and Grace?

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