The Princess’ Man Reveals Costly Costumes

Any sageuk/historical drama is bound to have lavish costumes. Princess Hours and Queen Seon Duk are two off the top of my heads that had really beautiful sets and costumes for the characters. Now, The Princess’ Man is joining those ranks in terms of how expensive their costumes are.

Moon Chae Won‘s character reportedly has 20 costumes, Park Shi Hoo has 15 different ones, Hong Soo Hyun has 10, and then there are hundreds of others for extras and other characters.

The hanboks designed for this drama are also pretty elaborate, where one of Moon Chae Won’s casual jackets required 2 days of hand-sewn labor. 5 million Won went into jewelry, more than 10 million Won to costumes, and even 6 million Won devoted to gold-leaf clothing and trinkets.

So far the production has spent nearly 250 million Won in costumes alone. It’s a crazy amount, and converted, it’s about $230,000. It might not seem like a lot, considering the production value of some movies in the States, but I think that’s quite a hefty amount to spend on one show in just one month.

These stars probably can’t go near craft services in these clothes.

source: jkstars


3 thoughts on “The Princess’ Man Reveals Costly Costumes

  1. oh really expensive just for the costumes alone. I heard this is a high value production. Wow… Hope it will deliver well

  2. can they borrow from another drama costume… in same production house? but it heard silly… no matter the budget is so big… i think is really a good drama! and the costume absolutely beautiful… DAEBAK to princess’ man

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