Stills From Spy Myung Wol

AH! I’m so excited for this drama – and the following stills aren’t helping! These poster stills were recently released and showed Eric Mun in all his dapper glory, and Han Ye Seul in various outfits/disguises. As for the above poster photo? I almost wish that that is a real scene in the drama.

Honestly – what is she even doing here? Showing off her tushy? I mean, this would make such a great caption contest…

“Wait! You can’t go anywhere! No really – I mean it. I’ll block you with my butt if I have to!”

Kiss?! Date!? So did she manage to ensnare him while in Singapore?!

The various disguises of Han Ye Seul…

And now – the poster pics:



The picture above is my favorite, because he has a smirk that says, “I’m just too cool for you.”



source: soompi


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