I Need Romance: Episode 5

We start off with a crisis. A hotel guest has collapsed in the casino due to heart failure, and In Young and Sung Hyun immediately leap into action. They call in an ambulance and get her safely to the hospital for surgery, while the husband is contacted. However, the husband is not at where he claims to be, implying that he was actually cheating on his wife while she was at the casino.

But all ends well, and the two of them report to their senior manager. However, the husband comes bounding up to them angrily, yelling that they need to find his wife’s diamond ring. He slaps In Young in the face – which is SO RUDE and SO UNCALLED for. In Young staggers back to the office in shock, leaving Sung Hyun to find it. (And find it they do – it was lost in the pool, and the pool staff had returned it to the front desk, who then were holding it for safekeeping until the guest claimed it.)

Unfortunately, that’s not the only shock – In Young finds Sung Hyun’s resignation letter on her desk. She scolds him for being a 1-year employee and tries to persuade him to stay. He’s adamant about quitting, but doesn’t tell her why (like, perhaps because he’s the hotel owner’s son!?). They go out for drinks, and In Young gets drunk on sake. She wonders why he’d leave, and muses whether he likes her, and that’s why he’s quitting.

Does he really want to pursue her? Drunk In Young is all for it – she jokingly says they should date, feeling super flattered that there’s actually a guy there interested in her despite being 33. Hey – if her boyfriend can get a 20-something interested in him, why can’t she attract a younger guy too?

He drives her home, and she falls asleep in his car. However, via voiceover (and this drama does a LOT of voiceovers) she reveals that she was actually awake when he tried to wake her up, when he unbuckled her seat belt, when he caressed her cheek. Sung Hyun stopped himself from going further near her though, and that’s when In Young woke up to save him from embarrassment. The atmosphere is a little tense though, and she starts talking to make up for the silence.

Suddenly he swoops in and kisses her. AHHH! Even though In Young thinks it’s wrong since she has a boyfriend, she can’t help but kiss him right back. Whoo!

He proposes that they date. Why don’t they have an affair behind Sung Soo’s back? Why don’t they try a love triangle? Besides, In Young had okay’ed it at the restaurant! But she thinks he’s joking, since she was joking. They hide from Sung Soo’s car as he drives up to her home, and she quickly sends him away. Sung Hyun is a little hurt from the rejection but leaves without another word.

Sung Soo came by because he wanted In Young to check out this new script about a hotelier who has a bickering relationship with her coworker and they end up in love. He wants to know if that’s how hoteliers really are, and if women would react to a guy they were attracted to in that way. It only reminds In Young about her kiss with Sung Hyun.

After they make out that evening, In Young realizes she’s kissed two men in one night, and she prefers Sung Hyun’s kisses! She dishes with the gals the next day, and while Seo Yeon coos in delight, Hyun Joo is reprimanding her. In Young had even tried to get Sung Soo to touch her cheek like Sung Hyun did, but Sung Hyun excited her more. Suddenly Hyun Joo gets a call – the “men” she’s hired have her ex-fiancee in custody.

She meets him in an abandoned warehouse, where he’s freaking out that she hired a hit on him. Hyun Joo just wants to know why he left her at the altar, and he admits that he just never found her sexy. WELL THEN! Hyun Joo sends him off with a farewell dinner (of which only she attends) and then goes back to her life. (By the way – if you look closely at the still – doesn’t his ear look…a bit odd?)

She goes to court to help defend Seo Yeon in the adultery case. (Prosecutor Jin is back!) Hyun Joo spins it where she makes it seem like the husband had only slept over at Seo Yeon’s place and didn’t have sex with her. However that’s not true – and the wife had made sure she got her husband to testify explicitly that they had sex. Seo Yeon feels so embarrassed, but Hyun Joo is angrier; she only twisted the story because Seo Yeon was her friend, otherwise, she would have just let Seo Yeon out to dry.

Outside the courthouse, the wife approaches Seo Yeon, angry that Seo Yeon tried to lie her way out of the mess. Seo Yeon says she didn’t mean to and apologizes, wanting to let bygones be bygones. They get into a hair-tug-of-war, which ends with the wife pushed on the floor. The wife goes into labor. WOOPS! Mad dash to the hospital!

Seo Yeon frantically calls the husband but he doesn’t pick up her calls. (Proof that they’re over!!) She calls using the wife’s phone and he finally picks up; however he’s going to have a hard time getting to the hospital in time since he’s out of the city.

Meanwhile at work, In Young receives a phone in a gift box. It’s from Sung Hyun; he got her a new phone just for the two of them. In Young says she’ll never pick up his calls, but when her phone rings, she picks it up. Wrong phone though – it’s her normal cell phone that’s ringing, and it’s Sung Soo calling about pasta for dinner.

In Young buys the ingredients and prepares it in his apartment. Unfortunately, Kang Hee arrives to bring in a magazine with Sung Soo’s interview. She knows the pass code too, and when she finds out they’re having pasta, she wants to stay and have some too. Kang Hee is so infuriating for the simple reason that she is actively cheating with Sung Soo, and yet is trying to be chummy with In Young. Like, what the frack!?

In Young is pissed that Kang Hee is disrespectful, and won’t even help cook. She chews the girl out, who ends up crying. Just in time too – because Sung Soo comes in and sees her crying. They have dinner, and Kang Hee is flippant about In Young’s scolding. She then offers to clean the dishes, which Sung Soo helps with. They wear matching couple aprons too, AND they’re in sync. Of course, In Young is suspicious.

Later that night when they get into bed, In Young and Sung Soo start snuggling – and that’s when In Young realizes something: her boyfriend of 10 years has changed his kissing style.



In the middle of this episode, there’s this long discussion about kissing men. The title of this episode is “My Man’s Kissing Style” so it’s only appropriate that they talk about it. I found the discussion so hilarious, and true to life. Although I wouldn’t speak like that with my girl friends about how guys kiss and what not in such graphic detail, I think it’s very relatable. I mean – don’t you ever wonder about whether you prefer wet kisses or dry ones? Facial hair scratching at your neck or completely clean shaven guys? It was so funny, and so true to life.

I also like that Sung Hyun is manning up. He’s finally got more confidence to pursue In Young, which is perhaps catalyzed by the fact that he is now going to be upper management rather than a concierge.

And really – my goodness, Kim Jeong Hoon gets to make out like crazy…


5 thoughts on “I Need Romance: Episode 5

  1. This drama is so damn refreshing and tells a story
    about how women and men really react in relationships,
    not the goody 2 shoes version we get in kdramas where
    the leads barely share a few kisses.

  2. Is it bad that I totally am rooting for In-young to cheat on that &^%$*^&%$&^%$ she’s currently with? Or maybe just dump his stuck-up, selfish, egotistical, self-centered butt and date Sung-hyun for realz. The man is hot, totally in love with her, AND rich to boot. It’s not often all those stars align.

    I find the more I watch this, the more I like it. Yeah, it’s a little contrived, and it’s nothing like my life, but I appreciate that the people deal with relationships in a little more real way than is normally portrayed in dramas. And all the kissing doesn’t hurt, either.

    • I’ll join your cheerleading squad so that In Young and Sung Hyun can become the OTP. He’s so hottt and she’s a cutie. She deserves to be with someone who loves her and watches out for her. The couples phones killed me.

  3. Looks like a different and enjoyable drama. Might give it a try later on.

    And really – my goodness, Kim Jeong Hoon gets to make out like crazy…
    A sweet revenge for NOT getting YEH on Goong. ^^

    • Hahaha! I think you won’t like him as much in this character, unlike Yul in Goong, because he is a bit of a jerk. He’s a player, but he is cute and does make out & have sex a lot. I loved him as Prince Yul, but I assure you you’re going to fall head over heels for Choi Jin Hyuk. He’s so fine!

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