A Summer Ode to ‘Chasing Liberty’

Once again – a random post. But oh so necessary! Why? Because this was the film that made me a Europhile before I became an Asianophile. (Or more specifically a Koreanophile.)

Had I continued on that path, this blog would be very different from what it is now.

I watched this breezy, predictable, simple film in the summer of 2004, renting it in Blockbuster (oh those were the days…) and then finally purchasing it because I was so addicted. I watched it a total of 17 times that summer; during one week I watched it almost every day. It cemented my admiration for Mandy Moore (because she was a decent singer and a decent actress. Not the best, but certainly not the worst; at least she was multi-talented), and it made me a fan of Matthew Goode. Gosh that guy was hot.

A little plot summary: Mandy Moore plays the president’s daughter who wants a little more freedom. While going with her parents to a summit in Europe, she manages to get away from her bodyguards and encounters hot photographer Matthew Goode. Unbeknownst to her, he’s actually part of Secret Service, and the president orders him to stay with Mandy Moore without revealing his true identity. Of course, they travail through Europe together and fall in love.

I was crazy about Europe, wanting to travel everywhere that the two characters went. Prague, Venice, and Berlin. (I’ve been to Venice since then, but not the other two places). I wanted to go backpacking through Europe and learn more European languages (but was stuck with learning Chinese because… well, it’s a bit embarrassing to not be able to speak my ancestors’ language).

I was bored with Asia. Yeah – can you believe that now? I wasn’t interested in Asian guys, preferring to ogle at all the Caucasian guys at my school. I wanted my very own “Matthew Goode” and go traveling with him through Europe. I even wrote a speech for class about British accents, and why it made Matthew Goode so hot. I didn’t think Asia had anything to offer – it was cheesy, old-fashioned, and dirty. (Based on my limited exposure to it.) They also didn’t have the beautiful European architecture that I loved.

The following year – I ditched all those preconceived notions. Why? Because I saw Hotelier.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

I thought I was over this Europhile-phase, until I recently saw Tangled, and then got crazy over Mandy Moore again, and then decided to watch “Chasing Liberty” one more time.

I won’t be giving up on dramas now, but it is officially 7 years since I last saw this movie, and I must acknowledge it. Thanks “Chasing Liberty,” for being the fluffy, brain candy movie that you are. You are my American “Coffee Prince” – the film/drama that I rewatch almost every summer – just because.


7 thoughts on “A Summer Ode to ‘Chasing Liberty’

  1. while I was in the middle of my majoring exams I watched this movie like 10 time a day instead of learning…. OMG it was so addicting

  2. Oh I didn’t know this movie!….and MG too ??? it’s because i’m french ?

    humm…hotelier ? korean version ? the famous scene in the basement of the hotel !ahh


    @ingridine – warning, i don’t think hotelier is the BEST series out there, but it certainly got me fired up about the OTP and made me a little more open to watching my next series… Autumn in My Heart.

  4. I loved this movie as well, it also made me a fan of Matthew Goode!
    You need need need to watch a movie called “Leap Year” with Matthew Goode! And Leap Year will make you into Ireland-phile!!!!!

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