News Bits: 6/28/11 Edition

Well well now. When one couple ends, another blossoms! Goo Hara (from girl group KARA and currently in City Hunter) and BEAST’s Yong Joon Hyung are officially dating. (The guys have similar names too…) Photos of the two revealed them holding hands, and so their agencies released a statement confirming their coupledom. Congratulations to the two! It’ll be young puppy love. I don’t think it’ll last, but it’s nice to see these overworked pop idols take some time to be “normal” and date.

Their photos seriously look like they came right out of a drama. It’s such a deserted street that they must have thought they were alone (save for the paparazzi capturing their sweet moments).


  • Yoon Kye Sang has been confirmed for the cast of High Kick 3. He will once again play a doctor in this series. The actor just finished up Greatest Love, and his film with director Kim Ki Duk “Poong Sang Dog” was released on June 23. Busy guy! Good to see he rebounded from Road No. 1.
  • Ryu Soo Young, who played the lovable professor/mentor/friend to Kim Tae Hee in My Princess, will star in the new KBS weekend drama that also has UEE and Joo Won. He will play Hwang Tae Bum, a reporter at the National Art Exhibition. The series title was Golden Pond but it looks like they changed it to Ohjakgyo Brothers (there might be a better translation out there…). The drama is really about four brothers, so I guess it makes sense for the title change – kinda like Three Brothers, the Infamous Chill Sisters, etc…
  •  Lee Jong Suk is keeping busy after the frenzy of Secret Garden with another new film. He’s already in Take Off” – the film with Rain and Shin Se Kyung – and now he will star opposite Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na in a sports film as a table tennis player for the North Korean national team. The film, tentatively titled “Korea,” is based on the true story of two table tennis players (Bae and Ha) from North Korea who play against and defeat the Chinese team during the table tennis championship in 1991 Japan. The film is set to release in the fall.
  • The Grace – a Korean girl group that disappeared for a bit – is finally making their comeback with an album release in three years. Now THAT is what I call a comeback! I hate it when those idol girl groups make a “comeback” six months after they released a song. That’s not a comeback! The Grace (CSJH) debuted in 2005, went to Japan, released an album in 2007, and since then had been working on individual activities. I only know that one of them is good friends with Jang Geun Suk – close enough that he called her up when he dressed as one of the SNSD girls during a You’re Beautiful parody of “Genie.” I think it was Stephanie
  • Jung Woo Sung is looking good! In these photos for an LG promotion event, he doesn’t look particularly happy or in a smiley mood, but at least he’s back in Korea (after shooting in Japan) and looking still mighty fine. Yoo Ah In was also in attendance – and WAAAY happier looking…
  • Excited for Heartstrings?! Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye participated in the OST and the first two songs have been released!


sources: asiae, dispatch, newsen, allkpop


One thought on “News Bits: 6/28/11 Edition

  1. ooh I’m getting prety excited for Golden pond or whatever it’s being called now…though I do hope it’s nothing like Three Brothers … heard horror stories on the plot of that one…..I hope it’s more like Son of Sol Pharmacy House with was one of the sweetest family dramas I’ve ever seen

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