New Stills from ‘The Princess’ Man’ Poster Shoot

The cast of The Princess’ Man gathered together for an outdoor poster shoot. Park Shi Hoo, Moon Chae Won, Kim Young Chul, and Lee Soon Jae. Kim Young Chul is Moon’s father, while Lee Soon Jae is King Jong Seo.

There’s a playful vibe between the cast in these photos, and I grudgingly agree that Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won look kind of good together. As long as Moon Chae Won acts well, and Park Shi Hoo creates chemistry with her, then I’ll be happy.

*Ahem* I'm ready for my close up.

"What's that!?"




"Where are my little fans?!"

Look at me with my authoritative pose!

Pfft. You're not even king.

source: star news


5 thoughts on “New Stills from ‘The Princess’ Man’ Poster Shoot

  1. I LUB Kim Young Chul!!! He will always me favorite Kdrama dad of all time..Lee Soon Jae also looks adorable with those kids..Moon Cae Won and Park Shi Hoo look good together as well….but then again this is PSH….some men have chemistry with all their leading women

  2. I LIKE! MCW and PSH look good together. Hope this drama will be a romance sageuk center.. I HOPE! More kissy and huge scene please, LOL

  3. I wonder if production companies save the court robes to reuse later. I mean, they’re the same in every sageuk, right? Maybe it’s the pennypincher in me. My mom’s an avid couponer, after all. Moon Chae-won looks gorgeous, though, and Park Shi-hoo looks better in a hanbok than I initially thought he would.

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