News Bits: 6/27/11 Edition

Can I take a moment to say I just saw “Tangled” (the Disney movie) and it was AWESOMEEEEEE. It makes me love Zachary Levi even more – and helps alleviate the “Chuck”-withdrawal. Sigh* It makes me all wish I were a princess again, and that some guy out there will fall in love with me just for who I am. Plus, it’d be great if I had awesome hair to use as rope/whip/anything I need it to be.

*Slap cheeks* – back to reality.

Above is Gummy’s new music video for her single “Love Recipe.” The song is soulful with a nice beat, although her chorus part reminds me of Janet Jackson‘s “Doesn’t Really Matter” (the chorus part too). It’s not the same at all, but similar enough in beats to make me think of it. It features Gummy with a dog, and it’s almost like a love song to her dog – except at the end of it, the dog leaves her, and she steps on a puddle of water or pee. Kinda like a man – she loved him, he left, and she was left with his shit.

  • Plenty of actresses are having summer babies this year – most of whom got pregnant and then got married (but not always). The list includes Heo Yi Jae (with a due date of 7/18), Moon So Ri (sometime in July), Lee Soo Young (end of July), Jung Hye Jin (with husband Lee Chun Hee in August), and Jung Hye Young and Sean will welcome their fourth in August. Moon So Ri had previously suffered a miscarriage, so this will be the first child for her and her husband.
  • Im Joo Hwan was hospitalized while training for the military. He entered the hospital three weeks ago due to heart problems, after fainting during training. He didn’t have any signs of complications prior to entering the military, but hope all is well for him!
  • Han Chae Young dropped out of MBC’s upcoming drama Strangers 6. It was supposed to start in the spring but was pushed back because of the Japan earthquake. Since it’s still in production limbo, Han decided to step down since she was getting offers from other places in Korea and China. The drama also features Oh Ji Ho and about 6 intelligence agents from Korea, China, and Japan, who are assigned to protect their respective countries’ joint economic area from an insidious organization. Sounds like IRIS came to Area 51. Sorta.
  • OK – here’s an update on the Daesung car accident. Now it’s been determined that Daesung rolled over the injured motorcyclist when he sped down the highway. THe motorcyclist was drunk, and had crashed into a streetlight on his own. He was heavily injured, but when Daesung rolled over his body a couple of feet 2 minutes later, those injuries were more extensive and were deemed the cause of death. The police want Daesung to be indicted, especially since he was being a negligent driver. He would be facing 5 years in jail and a 20 million Won fine. However, because he doesn’t have a criminal record, is a star, and paid money to the victim’s family for the funeral, his punishment will likely be lessened. According to Korean law, if the transgressor pays the victim’s family, it is taken into account as a sign of remorse and can be used to the transgressor’s advantage. Daesung also complied with the police fully, staying at the scene of the crime to provide a statement and taking the breathalyzer test. I feel bad for the boy, and it doesn’t seem intentional, so I hope he doesn’t get a jail sentence for it. Then again, I can’t excuse negligent driving just because Daesung is a star. He won’t be participating in any entertainment activities for the rest of the year as well.




3 thoughts on “News Bits: 6/27/11 Edition

  1. Poor Daesung. He’s always been my favorite in Big Bang, and I’ll be sad not to see him around in the industry. I wish we knew more about the details of his alleged negligence; I would guess that a motorcycle accident could possibly be difficult to see, especially at night.

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