I Need Romance: Episode 4

OOOOh I wanted to tear my hair out after this episode. It was good – but maddeningly so. I want revenge!!!!

Instead of getting the follow up on Hyun Joo and her ex-fiancee (did she kill him or not!?), we get an interlude with In Young and Sung Hyun working. Sung Hyun is complaining that as a concierge, they’re pretty much servants to the whims of the guests. In Young berates him that that is not an attitude he should hold.

REMEMBER THAT – Sung Hyun complaining.

OK – now the girls are going for a night out at clubs, and it’s their one night to pretend they’re someone else. In Young pretends she’s ballerina Jung Ae Ri; Seo Yeon is fashion model Ra Hee, and Hyun Joo is pilot Eun Min. They dress up in clothes provided by Seo Yeon’s fashion label and go partying, trying to find good guys to hang out with who can give them drinks and not be sleazy.

Hyun Joo scores big with a bunch of rich guys – all of whom are smart and wealthy. They have another guy joining them late – he’s apparently the son to RH hotel president, which is the same hotel In Young works at. However, because he’s getting some business training, he’s working at a lowly position.

Guess what – that guy is none other than Sung Hyun! Yes – we all saw that coming. However, it’s still fun to see the shock on his and the girls’ faces when they recognize him. Later that night, Sung Hyun drives a tipsy In Young back home, and she laughs at him for pretending to be someone else. He points out that she’s doing the same thing too, but In Young has the nerve to scold him. When she gets back home, she realizes she never really told Sung Hyun her address, so how’d he know where to bring her?


Anyways, the next day In Young gets a call from Hyun Joo; Sung Hyun’s clothes were designer brands – so he might be the real thing. However, In Young is still a bit dense and thinks Sung Hyun just blew his entire check on some suits.

In Young continues running some errands for the guests and bumps into Kang Hee. (Ugh.) Kang Hee is at the department store purchasing a shirt for Sung Soo, and she outright declares war against In Young in the battle for Sung Soo’s heart.

Seo Yeon tries out other photographers, but none are as good as her photographer Seo Joon Yi. She texts him, saying that she wants to meet for business, but he doesn’t reply back right away. That annoys Seo Yeon like heck, and he eventually tells her that she should learn from how badly she treats her business partners. Re-ject-ed!

She meets with that ex-boyfriend of hers over her court summons. Now he’s a jackass, saying that he feels bad for his wife and having not taken good care of her because she’s pregnant. He’s worried about her, but was kicked out of the house. Dude – this guy is a flimsy whack. I don’t even want to waste anymore words on how pathetic this guy is.

Moving on. The girls go for a manicure and discuss how boys can be such a pain – especially the married ones. While Hyun Joo was on her honeymoon, she had seen an impeccably dressed, smart-looking guy. However, she zeroed in right away on his ring finger and noticed he was married. She was no longer interested.

However that same guy approached her in the airport as they were leaving for Hong Kong, and tried to chat her up – this time with no ring on his finger. Hyun Joo said she was staying at Avirana Hotel, and he immediately latched on, saying that he was staying there too and that they should grab drinks together. However – Avirana Hotel doesn’t exist, and Hyun Joo calls him out on being a cheating bastard. All this reminds In Young that Sung Soo might not be trustworthy.

The next day In Young sees Kang Hee working out at the hotel gym. At the same time, Sung Soo arrives to see her, making In Young think that he might just be around because Kang Hee is. Sung Soo just wanted to give In Young something, but Kang Hee comes bounding up and starts latching on to him. Sung Soo worms his way out of her grasp and tells In Young that they’re going camping this weekend, and that he’s bought her a pair of sneakers. Kang Hee pouts, saying that this weekend will rain, but Sung Soo says it won’t.

In Young is super happy to have been chosen over Kang Hee in such an obvious manner. Kang Hee doesn’t give up though; once alone she tells Sung Soo that she has the power to make it rain in the weekend and doesn’t want Sung Soo to go on the camping trip.

That weekend – In Young and Sung Soo are on the beach setting up a campfire when suddenly – it rains. Kang Hee calls to smush it in their face, and In Young is absolutely pissed that Kang Hee “won” this round. However Sung Soo tells her that it’s no big deal, and they end up enjoying the refreshing rain, followed by a make out session in the car.

Hyun Joo’s pet cat goes missing one night, and she runs around the neighborhood searching for him. Suddenly, guess who arrives? Duk Soo! He helps her draw her cat back home using the litter box, and they eventually find the cat. Hyun Joo is thankful to Duk Soo and wonders what brought him to her neighborhood. He tells her that a ping-pong place opened up nearby so he went to check it out; he invites her over to play too next time. (Dorky and handsome? Oh man!)

On a rooftop garden, Kang Hee asks Sung Soo if they had a miserable camping trip. She becomes really obvious, and asks Sung Soo if she’s pretty. If he thinks she’s pretty, can’t he date her instead? It doesn’t have to be a complicated love triangle; they can date secretly on the side.

(I’m about to SCREAAAAAM)

Sung Soo tries to shove her off, but the idea is too tempting. (ASSHOLE!) She brushes her fingers under his chin and he gets up to leave. She chases after him with a whiny “Director Kim!” and he grabs her and whirls her into a passionate kiss.

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I swear – if I ever meet a girl like this I’ll punch her in the face for being a total brat. If I become like this, I’ll kill myself before I get the guy. Ugh – these needy, whiny, “mine-mine-mine” girls are so disgusting to watch, intolerable to be with, and just plain annoying. So not cool. But I’m glad this happened in episode 4, because now – In Young can just ditch his ass and go for the chaebol heir Sung Hyun.

Hyun Joo can have her happily ever after with the dorky Duk Soo, and Seo Yeon – I hope she develops a cool love-hate relationship with her photographer. This is such a predictable drama, but I really love that it’s so infuriating and makes me want to watch more. Does that make sense? I guess I gotta give props to the actress who plays Kang Hee – Ha Yun Joo. She’s good at making me hate her.


8 thoughts on “I Need Romance: Episode 4

  1. oh thank you for this! ha, i too found duk soo charming. and i so wanted in young to ditch sung soo; i was mad when he found his way back into her arms in episode 2. love your recaps!

  2. It is predictable but still awesome…the moment her voiceover said her 10 year relationship couldn’t be so easily shook in the car I knew he would slip…she knew it too back during the house warming but chose to ignore it. Tsk tsk tsk…you would think an annoying girl like that would bother dudes but I guess they’re stupidly flattered by the attention until they realize what they’ve lost.

  3. I was starting to like Sung Soo and then he decides to kiss Kang Hee >.<
    Please let Sung Hyun be with In Young!

  4. I said on another site that I want her to end up with her junior as he is so cool and takes care of her like she deserves, he even gives in to her ridiculous demands (squatting in the lift) just to ease her mood.

  5. It just bothers me that someone so annoying could be found attractive by him. That shows he only cares about her looks because her personality is trash. No offense but jeesh that whining is too much lol.

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