Heartstrings Press Conference

That really means – photo spamazz!

The friendship between Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye was palpable, and Jung even said that he feels so comfortable around her that he thinks of her as like one of the members in his band. That’s a sweet statement – and sure to send all Shin Woo-Mi Nam shippers in a frenzy. Park asked if that means she can join CN Blue, to which Jung and fellow bandmate Kang Min Hyuk said that she can play keyboards.

Hm – maybe a collaboration in the works?!

The press conference included professors Song Chang Ui and So Yi Hyun, as well as “the other pesky girl” Woori. (I’m calling her “pesky girl” but she’s really just another person who has a crush on Jung Yong Hwa but gets rebuffed.) The ladies are beautiful in their flowing dresses. The guys? Only Jung Yong Hwa looks uncomfortable.

Heartstrings was also already pre-sold to 8 countries overseas. This seems to be the trend nowadays – where having it pre-sold to other countries is meant to show off the potential popularity of a show. It’s been sold to Japan, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines (where I bet they’d make a remake of if it works out), and North America. It will be a simulcast in North America on DramaFever.

Jung Yong Hwa and Kang Min Hyuk:

Song Yi Hyun and Woori:


Song Chang Ui, Jung Yong Hwa, and So Yi Hyun:


source: star news, asiae


One thought on “Heartstrings Press Conference

  1. I’m really excited about Heartstrings after seeing Yong Hwa in Running Man. ❤

    But it still feels like a "fresh and light" drama for me. There's nothing special about it that makes me think it might be remade in the Philippines…

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