Pottermore Announcement!

1) the Youtube page for this announcement is epic, so I suggest going straight to that site than just watching the video here.

2) Oh. My. God. I think I just died and went to Heaven. Only to be sent back to earth by the good ol’ Dumbledore, reminding me that I still have work to do in the office.

3) It’s a vamped up wiki; an official Mugglenet/Leaky Cauldron; more exclusive content like her own website.

4) I don’t give a crap about eBooks – eBooks are overrated. Nothing beats the smell of freshly pressed book pages.

5) AHHHHHH! I think I need to go reread Harry Potter right now. If I go M.I.A. from recapping, blogging, K-drama life in general, you know I’m disapparating to Hogsmeade and making my way to Hogwarts.


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