News Bits: 6/23/11 Edition

What in the what?!

When did this happen!? Jung Gyu Woon posted up a photo on Twitter of him with Kim So Yeon, saying “Feeling refreshed with So Yeon-noona!” Based on their clothing it looks like the photo came from when they were shooting the ALL FOR YOU CF together (video below). I don’t think anyone in their right mind is wearing such heavy clothing in the summer.

UNLESS – they could have another photo shoot or CF in the works? If anyone knows where this photo might be from, let me know!

They look really cute together, but I was kinda hoping she’d be having this cute photo with Park Shi Hoo… whaaat? Can you blame me?

  • Hero Jaejoong has been confirmed to join the cast of the drama The Boss has Changed. The drama used to be called Last Female Secretary and had Choi Kang Hee in the lead as an unemployed woman who finally finds a job as a secretary for a chaebol. Except, that chaebol (now played by Ji Sung) is a bad boss (in the sense that he lacks a certain something). Jaejoong plays a financial whiz, while Wang Ji Hye (Personal Taste) plays a controlling lawyer. The drama airs after City Hunter.
  • Lee Eun Mi was the lead vocalist for a K-pop girl group called Iris – which released its last single in 2005. She was stabbed to death by an ex-boyfriend a couple days ago on her way home. Her ex had stabbed hr 65 times in the head and abdomen. The two were thinking about marriage when she broke off their relationship. He was arrested soon after.
  • We have a lead for UEE! Joo Won (who was in Baker King Kim Tak Goo) will play the third son-love interest for the singer in the upcoming KBS drama Golden Pond. He will play a cop named Hwang Tae Hee.

4 thoughts on “News Bits: 6/23/11 Edition

  1. I think this photo of JGW and KSY is recent nuh? His hair is same as what’s now In RT.
    in the CF, his hairstyle is much shorter and looked skinnier?
    but, I could be wrong..I’ve just discovered JGW in RT…so have to do more digging…

    I can’t blame you kaede, I also wish it’s PSH šŸ™‚
    I haven’t seen Dr Champ yet, so can’t root much for the pairing..PSH-KSY has great chemistry in PP.

    Btw, he looks damn hot recently in RT!!! just finished ep 13, and i can’t keep my eyes off him @_@

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