I Need Romance: Episode 3

Hyun Joo is left at the altar. Seo Yeon is sued. In Young battles actress Yoon Kang Hee.

All in the day in the life of a singleton in Seoul!

So the wedding. Hyun Joo calls up Duk Soo, who looks even more handsome without his dorky glasses. She sends Seo Yeon and In Young to tell the parents and in-laws what happened, and then walks down the aisle with Duk Soo. He cheers her up by performing a magic trick – a disappearing bottle cap – and dares her to search it on him. She pats him down (staying away from the you-know-area) but the proximity is a bit unnerving for her. Anyways – she doesn’t find it; he manages to cheer her up; and he proclaims his vows with a resounding, “I do!”

Post-wedding, the three girls hang out in the wedding suite, which Sung Hyun had specially helped prepare according to In Young’s specifications. It’s a little much (flowers, balloons, rose petals, etc) but the three girls make the most of it. Sung Hyun even sends up two bottles of expensive wine and picks up the bill. It’s weird for Seo Yeon and In Young to see Hyun Joo do everything without shedding a tear. Hyun Joo decides to go on her honeymoon by herself – for some good old R&R, perhaps a fling, and to pick up presents for the gals in Hong Kong. Seo Yeon and In Young offer to teach Hyun Joo some moves as well.

Seo Yeon receives notice that she’s getting profiled in a magazine and goes to meet the editor with her photographer (another hot guy who also happens to hate her). Except… the editor is the pregnant wife of her ex-boyfriend. The editor tells Seo Yeon she’s going to sue her for adultery (because it’s a crime, but not many people sue). Seo Yeon is angry about it, and her photographer quits on her, not wanting to work with such a slave-driving, unethical woman.

Poor Seo Yeon – she never denied anything in front of the editor about her one night affair, which is to her credit. Instead of kicking out that ex-boyfriend of hers, she had succumbed to his touch and let him stay the night.

As for In Young, she remains amazed that Hyun Joo could so easily move on from being a jilted bride, when she herself can’t get over her suspicions over Sung Soo. She tells herself not to think too much of it, even though Sung Hyun notes that she’s always distracted at work. It turns out to be good – as the hairpin actually belonged to Sung Soo’s car dealer.

She finds out that Sung Soo had bought an apartment without telling her over a month ago. Rightfully so, she’s completely miffed that he bought a place without consulting her, considering that years ago they had promised to buy a house together. Back then, he had even bought her a necklace to celebrate when he first received his paycheck as a director, but now he doesn’t buy or tell her anything with his newfound wealth. But anyways – she’s invited over and is excited to see that he even bought her a vanity in the bedroom, and has allowed her to come in whenever she likes.

In Young also purchased a housewarming gift – a coffee maker exactly like hers at her home. The salesperson tries to convince her to buy a new espresso machine that does a whole bunch of coffee drinks, but it’s way out of her budget.

Unfortunately, before she can present her gift, an unexpected guest arrives – Yoon Kang Hee, who – guess what!? – lives in the apartment below his. Goodio. She also has a gift! It’s the new espresso machine, and immediately In Young feels embarrassed. However, Kang Hee opens up In Young’s gift excitedly (how rude) and scoffs at the small coffee maker.

Too bad though – Sung Soo says he really likes In Young’s because now it’s like they have a couple coffee machine set. They all drink coffee using In Young’s machine, and despite Kang Hee’s flirtations, Sung Soo continually rebuffs her in front of In Young.

Kang Hee drags Sung Soo to walk her back to her apartment. (It’s one stupid floor, lady.) In Young goes outside to listen in and overhears Kang Hee saying that she has the same espresso machine, so they have a couple coffee machine set too! He finally gets away from her, but sees In Young crying outside. Immediately he understands why she is, and comforts her. He tells her that he only finds Kang Hee cute, but is sincerely in love with In Young.

Feeling better, she suddenly gets a call from Hyun Joo, who’s back a day early from her honeymoon. She’s sitting outside of her fiance’s office in her car, waiting for him to come out, and has called In Young in the meantime. In Young freaks out – Hyun Joo shouldn’t have gone to seen him! But Hyun Joo goes right up to him and says, “I’m going to kill you.” Dun dun dun!

(By the way – I love that her fiance is the same guy as the lottery announcer in Romance Town, BoA‘s manager in Athena, and one of the workers at Park Si Yeon‘s publishing firms in Coffee House.)

(I also severely hate Yoon Kang Hee’s character. But wait til we get to episode 4 – I’m gonna explode…)


7 thoughts on “I Need Romance: Episode 3

  1. Surprisingly, I like this drama. Did not actually want to watch it cos the leads are not my familar actors/actress but saw your review for ep 1&2 here & decided to give it a try.

    Now, I cannot stop after ep 3. Hoping to catch ep 4 soon once subs are available.

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