Romance Town Spoilers for Episode 13

Why hello big strong arms!

Jung Gyu Woon and Sung Yuri share a special moment in the kitchen, which makes me wonder if their relationship is still “complicated.” They’re clearly not announcing to the world that they’re “In a Relationship,” based on their reactions when Papa Kang comes into the room…

And then of course there’s our cute rivalry/bromance between Jung and Kim Min Joon. Looks like they found a bag of money. Don’t know if Gun Woo confronted Soon Geum about it, although knowing him, he’s probably waiting for Soon Geum to fess up.

source: soompi 1, 2


3 thoughts on “Romance Town Spoilers for Episode 13

  1. In this episode …Jung Gyu Woon is specially too hot ! so handsome…i want to wash the dishes…now
    San seems so little in his arms….

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