News Bits: 6/20/11 Edition

SHINee’s Jong Hyun and Shin Se Kyung broke up. The reason is reportedly due to their busy schedules. Shin Se Kyung has been shooting films and dramas left and right, while Jong Hyun has been touring with his group. The two of them had been under the spotlight ever since they announced their relationship late last year. While some fans have been saddened by the news, other reactions include, “This was not unexpected – it’s not a surprise.”

I personally don’t think it’s much of a surprise. Young love under the glare of media spotlight? Good luck if that lasts!

  • Uhm Jung Hwa showed off a picture of her younger sister Jung Shin. The similarities are there, but I think the sister looks most like Uhm Tae Woong, who is the baby of the family. Uhm Jung Hwa is the second oldest, Jung Shin the third, and Tae Woong the only boy and baby. The eldest sister isn’t featured.

  • Another still of Park Shin Hye has been released for Heartstrings. Apparently, this one takes place during a tearful walk at a critical moment, when it looks like her fate becomes intertwined with Song Chang Ui‘s character.

  • I’m usually not a sucker for advertising, but of course, the best advertising are the types that work right? So here I am, sitting and watching “Covert Affairs” as I finish up this post when I suddenly I am told that I would like this original web series called “The LXD.” It stands for the League of Extraordinary Dancers, and each episode rangers from 5 to 15 minutes long. Why’d I decide to tune in? Because 1) it’s directed by Asian director Jon Chu, who directed “Never Say Never” (that Justin Bieber film) and will direct “G.I. Joe 2” (with Lee Byung Hoon), and 2) because Harry Shum Jr. choreographed it (with someone else named Christopher Scott)! And Harry Shum appears in an episode himself; I watched that one first and wasn’t too impressed, but I’m starting from the beginning now and it’s AMAZING. The choreography is beautiful, and there is a mythology around it as well. While I always view shows with an “original web series” label with a skeptical eye, I admit – it’s probably going to be our new form of entertainment. There’s always a thrill that you get from the title “original”-something, and with the amount of social media platforms that are popping up all of a sudden, it’s not going to go away. Anyone who thought that Bubble Tea was a fad can go eat their words. So go watch it. Really.

source: osen, newsen, star news


4 thoughts on “News Bits: 6/20/11 Edition

  1. I don’t see a similarity between Uhm Jung Wa and UTW AT ALL but I see a big similiarity with this sister and him! It’s the eyes and nose I think.

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